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  1. Now im hoping i can get some responds from more then a few of you this time.Anyway i was just wondering how do you get a cheap paint job?I don't mean a crappy paint job but i ask a local shop in my town and he wanted 6g's and im like wtf.So anyone please just send me options?
    Thank you.:)
  2. A good paint job is impossible for cheap, unless you do it yourself, or know someone that is a professional, and has access to a shop. If you do it yourself, do a search on it, there are several good threads that will give you some good pointers, but if it is your first paint job, it probably won't turn out as good as you would like it. The paint on your car looks pretty good, if I were you, I would just live with that for a while.
  3. Well funny you mentioned about painting my own car.I helped paint my buddy's car a few days ago and it came out pretty good but then my dad saw it on FB and was wondering where the shine .So im not sure if it was the paint or what i guess i need some more research.:shrug:
  4. Did you go to a collision repair shop or a resto shop? Most collision repair shops won't want to touch it because it's older, which means a lot of brittle plastic pieces have the tendency to break when coming apart. Lots of broken pieces drive up the price and then they have to go searching for the parts too. You'd probably get a really good job for 6, but with your paint looking really good, I'd personally keep it that color.
  5. I never thought of going to a collision repair shop.The shop i went to he paints plane parts but paints cars and mini trucks on the side.He has had his work in quite a bit of car magazines.With my car i guess i should take pics of the ugly parts because everyone keeps asking when am i going to paint it. lol