1. hot dogs. @Bakos says nothing beats a tasty weiner
  2. As long as there isn't a mustardy money shot after the first bite.
  3. I don't think it belongs anywhere. Rust is fuggin rust. I believe it was the genius's at Hot Rod that decided (for us) that "patina" was a desirable finish, or a "style" to emulate. I for one hate it.

    If I wanted to look at a rusty assed car,...I'd save my money, avoid buying the mags, or paying to get into car shows, and just walk around a JUNK YARD!!!

    They got plenty of patina.............................right where it belongs.
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  4. I have an idea! How bout this, the ultimate fad car: a '13 patina gt w black wheels
  5. Passtime was kinda cool
  6. I have said something similar to my wife whenever my daughter was younger. She didn't find the humor in it and we ended up going anyways :(
  7. Speed channel is no more lol

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  8. really? I swear I flipped past it earlier today. I'll be damned. just checked it and its Fox sports now.
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  9. Hopefully Pass Time will pop up on Velocity now? I enjoyed that show.
  10. Pass Time wasn't bad but that channel was more crap than good. Like most channels now days I suppose...Just wish they would come out with a decent car show that was relevant and not just advertisement block for car cleaners and edlebrock superchargers.
  11. You said it. I think I hated "pinks" the most. The host was a douchie parrot lookin dude up there flapping his arms that knew nothing about cars and what kind of race is it when you give a guy an 1/8 mile head start!? I believe if I was on the show and i was about to lose my car to a guy who had a 10 car length head start I'd crash it into the wall, blow the engine, and then hand over the keys.
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  12. I'm not impressed with the Gas Monkey/Fast n Loud show. Their work is crap. Anytime they do an under car shot everything is rusted out or not painted and part of the interior will be gone (saw one with no head liner and a rusty roof). And then they sell the vehicle for 40k or more. The buyers are getting ripped the hell off.

    And Pinks All Out was good since it was all head-to-head racing. Not that "gimme three links" regular Pinks bull sh*t. But Passtime was a pretty good show.