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  1. Today, I opened the drivers door using the key (rather than the key fob) and the alarm started blaring. I could not get the alarm to turn off by putting the key in the ignition either, as it just flashed theft. I had used the key because the battery on the fob was dying, and with the cold temps, it didn't work. I warmed the fob in my hands for a minuite (alarm still on...) and finally got the unlock button on the fob to turn off the alarm.

    Is that normal or is there something missing/broken? If I unlock it using the fob, it is perfectly fine.
    I don't believe it should do that, but I am not sure what switch/wire is broken. Is there one in the door to sense a key is being used?
  2. My car will not start without turning off the alarm from the FOB. The horn is disabled from the system so it doesn't annoy but the lights flash and I have to reset the system from the FOB. I keep an extra battery in the console just in case.
  3. Does the key minder work? Does the head light minder work?

    My vote is it's either the door open/close sensor or the driver's door key unlock switch. My first guess is the door key switch isn't working. The PATS "thinks" that the door has been opened without the key. Hence the alarm.
  4. wmburns: Yes, the headlight and ignition key minder do work. Sounds like it is probably a bad drivers door key sensor. I had no idea there was even a sensor there. I guess I will have to open the door up and see what I can find. Thanks!
  5. The fob didn't work again this morning, so knowing the alarm would go off if I opened the drivers door, I used the key and opened the passenger door. Same thing: alarm started blaring. Seems unlikely both door key switches are bad at the same time?
  6. Sounds like the FOB isn't shutting off the alarm. You do have a good battery in the FOB? If so then I think it is in the alarm module...not the door switches. It's not receiving the signal to turn off the alarm. Will the car start with the alarm going off?

    Try disconnecting the battery for about 30 seconds and hit the brakes to drain all power from the electrical system. It may reset the theft system. Also make sure the car battery is good. These cars are real finicky when it comes to battery power.
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  7. I broke out the owners manual today to see what I could learn... Both door keys should disarm PATS, and turning the ignition key should as well. None of those work on my car... only pushing unlock on the fob.
    The battery in the fob is low... new batteries on the way. The battery in the car is good. The engine starts aggressively, even on cold mornings, and it is less than 5 years old.
    I can try your suggestion for resetting PATS.
  8. The Pats issue is that they lost last night :(