Perfect fit Optima Battery!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by MoNsTaMaCk24, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. D75/25 Yellow top Optima Fits PERFECT!!! I bought it from remy_battery off Ebay for less than 120... I put the yellow connecting piece to the bottom of the battery and stock hold down holds it in GREAT! If you didnt know I bought an optima from Auto Zone they stated one size fits all it ended up being too tall... I have rockford Fosgate terminals! But if you dont want to mess with your battery tray get this one figured I would let everyone know about this!
  2. Thanks for the tip, good to know for someone going to mount the battery in the stock location.....but I paid $100.00 Canadian for my Optima (Seconds) battery and mounted it in the trunk. :D

  3. Here are 2 dumb questions:
    Is the "yellow connecting piece" a spacer plate that comes with the battery?
    Will being a "Deep Cycle" battery cause any problems?

  4. Yeah piece came on top of the battery connected to another yellow piece I believe to protect the terminals and from what i read about these optimas that I liked is... You can leave your stang sit for quite sometime and wont have to jump it... And they last really long! No problems here!
  5. Resurrecting from the dead :)

    Are the red top batteries best for running a couple of amps for a stereo? My walmart battery is a POS
  6. Optimas SUCK!!!

    Only thing good about them is the replacement warranty. I have had 4 in two years.

    Only keep getting them because they are free.

    Other than that your standard Motorcraft is a far better battery for the money.
  7. Seond that ^^^^, I would use interstate battery over that optiama.
  8. The people i know have not liked their optimas.

    2005 :shrug:
  9. i have no problems with my optima.

    but if i dont use optima i use interstate batteries.