Performance Shops in GA?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Solid Snake, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. I'm moving to GA (just South of ATL) come January and was wondering if there were any reputable Mustang performance shops around? I know that Georgia is a HUGE mustang-enthusiast state, so I would imagine that there will be a few? :shrug:
  2. Higgins Ford Performance in Douglasville
    MV Performance in Statham
    T&J Performance in Alpharetta
  3. Oh ****, Cobra Killer's shop is in GA? I'm happy :D
  4. Yep it is right off of Ga 400 if you know where that is
  5. Anyone knows of any good ones in or near the CSRA? :shrug:

    It looks like I'll probably have to drive to or near Atlanta to get gears installed. Either that or have Ford *gasps* install them.
  6. Yeah, alot of guys go there! What part of GA are you moving to?
  7. Hell, I live in Alabama and go to Tim's shop. If I lived any closer, I'd probably be single.
  8. tim & jeff are just up the road. I drove from hinesville (savanha), they have mine right now. theres a couple of other shop's around here, 2 down in jacksonville to. theres a couple of strip's around there to, around atlanta is were all the cool stuff's at here. COBRA KILLER treatment! ENVY ME!
  9. Cobra Killer's shop is the only place to go. After you go there once you will find yourself going back time and time again.

    On any Saturaday you can always find a group of fellow Mustang owners hanging out there. :nice:
  10. another vote for T&J...killer shop in alpharetta (ATL suburb)
  11. I don't know of any, but if you find one I would LOVE to know where. I got a good deal on a gear install about 2 years ago on a different car, but that guy works at Satcher Ford now and I can't get that anymore.

    Nice to see another Augusta guy, and there are some FAST Mustangs in the area.
  12. So look who's moving to be amongst the rest of we fortunate Stang owners !! Your assumptions are indeed correct.......... the metro Atlanta area is a Mecca for Mustang owners from around the Southeast.
    In addition to all of the excellent service and specialty service shops, you'll also find that an abundance of suppliers (GEF Racing, Year One, MPS and several others) are local, making parts ordering a matter of going to the place and picking up whatever you might want that day.
    There are also several good tracks within reasonable driving distance of Atlanta, including Atlanta Dragway and Silver Dollar Raceway........... both NHRA event facilities.
    Volldamort moves to Atlanta............. :rlaugh:
    Can you say "ya'll" yet ??
    J/K.... we look forward to another local Stang guy- never have too many buds.

    Oh BTW,
    Is your avatar coming with you, too ??

  13. Dugan racing is in gwinnett county, about 30 min east of atl. they do modular work.
  14. Hey did Tim ever get a chance to tune your car? I'm curious to how it did.
  15. I'm moving to Newnan, looking forward to it. I have family there and visit frequently....and LOVE it! :banana:
  16. Also, hows the stang market in GA? I plan to sell my slow-ass V6 once I get there and, hopefully, get into a Cobra.

  17. I live around 50 miles from ATL. In a small small town. This town is full of mustangs down to modded to the max V6's to Full Blown 5.0 dragsters. From every year. How much is the cobra killer kit? I tryed going to that website but it didnt give a price. Cya
  18. T&J Performance

    I went there today and there were tons of mustang owners there. Tim knows his stuff and he has some major money spending customers that come to his shop. Hell I bought a Procharger kit through him today !!
  19. Heh, just when I was starting to wonder if I was the only person on stangnet, living in Augusta or the CSRA. Anyway, before I get gears installed, I need to find a chip as well. I haven't made up my mind on what kind to get yet, but I have plenty of time.

    I just wish there was a Mustang/domestic speed shop around here. Seems like the Atlanta guys have it made over there :( Oh, what am I complaining about...two+ hour drives ain't nothing, right? Just a matter of finding the place :)