Pics of my POR-15'd trunk

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  1. Here's a pic of my trunk with 2 coats of POR-15 and a final coat of Chassis-Coat Semi-Gloss Black.


    I added more pics to the previously created page HERE.

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  2. REAL, REEAAALLL nice !!!! :nice: :nice:

    You da man.

    After seeing that, I think that I might go with black in the trunk instead of the exterior color (red). I like it a lot !

    What's you exterior color going to be?
  3. Thanks. I'm sticking with the exterior color that the car came with (1999 Honda racing blue) so I don't have to repaint the doorjambs and other hidden stuff. I really like the color. Though if I had painted it originally I would have chosen a Ford blue.

    I also decided to use a quality brush, rather than those cheap $#!+ ones. I did a mild cleaning of the brush (using the POR-15 solvent), left it dripping wet and stuck it in the corner of a plastic storage bag and wrapped it so there is no air. Twisted the bag around the handle and twist tied the bag to the handle. Painting with a quality brush is much quicker, easier and gives better results (next best thing to spraying).

    I also bought a turkey baster at the grocery store to transfer POR-15 from the can to the container I'm painting from (super cheapo sandwich Tupperware thingies). Helps keep the rim of the POR-15 can clean.
  4. the tupperware sandwich containers rock.

    they cost something like $2 for 5 and you can put the lid on then and toss the unused POR-15 in the fridge to use later.

    they will only keep for about 6 hours though.
  5. Here's a pic of the car (before I started tearing into it) from the original eBay add when it was in CA:


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  6. I wish mine was that nice. What size tires are you running on that beast?? Your trunk turned out very nice.
  7. It came with stock tire size 225/60R15 all around. It's a good looking directional tread though. The rest of the original eBay pics are HERE
  8. it sure was nice of him to take the pics of it on the handicapped spot. I don't know if it the block style tires but the look way wider then mine.
  9. I still really like that color anyways :) When i first saw those POR-15 picts i could've swore you sprayed it on. Those quality brushes are definitely better than the cheapos. It's looking really great there man and thanks for taking all the pictures!

    BTW This is a good example how of pictures on ebay can be decieving isn't it Svend! I remember the add and guy who was on here for a while before offering that car up for sale... I'm glad you got all that resolved though.
  10. Yeah, big ticket impulse buying on eBay probably isn't the best idea. Next time (if there is a next time), I will fly to CA (or where-ever) to inspect the vehicle first hand.
  11. That looks beautiful!

    Just out of curiosity, what was your cleaning procedure?
    I Por-15'd my trunk months ago, and I'm really happy with the results, but cleaning all that crud off before painting was a real PITA.
  12. Yeah, I have the same question... what did you use to clean the trunk
    prior to applying the POR? Air sander? Wire wheel? Looks absolutely awesome
    and you give me hope for my trunk space. :D

  13. That's purdy! And the invisible tail light panel is a nice touch too. :D

  14. I followed the exact same proceedure as previously detailed on my wheel wells.


    I only put the peelaway in places that I knew I could get it back out of. Don't want any of that stuff stuck in the seam between the fender and outer wheel well. After scraping the peelaway goo off, I wiped everything down with denatured alcohol. Since there was a lot of spray on adhesive in there, I used 3M adhesive remover to remove the adhesive from areas that were not treated with peelaway (which was rather time consuming). After that I used various shapes and sizes of wire brush drill attachments followed by the whole POR-15 ritual.

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  15. oh boy that looks sweet. You're doing extremely well. :nice:
  16. wow nice!! very nice!!
    just one thing, way off topic, thats the wheel i was thinking about buying, do u like it? how does it feel? oh and would i be able to put a mustang butten instead of the plain chrome one? thanks
  17. Very very nice finished look.

    Question tho. Are you going to leave yours uncarpted? Just wondering since it looks like you went through alot of trouble to get it looking pretty (which it does).
  18. Thanks. Nothing like reviving the dead. :p

    The wheels are the typical Magnum 500 style (I love em). The center caps are black with chrome running horse. I don't know if there are other centers that fit. You'll want to be sure your center caps are matched to the dia. of the center hole. The wheels are available with 2" or 2 1/8" dia.s.

    Haven't really decided about the carpeting. That’s quite a ways off anyway. I know I’d like to trunk mount the battery.


    Since this thread has been revived, here's as better link.
  19. the trunk looks great.
  20. opps, looks like a clearical, i ment the steering wheel, my fault, sorry