Pics of the new 03 Cobra

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  1. Well, her dad got it today:

    Sorry about the blurriness.

    EDIT: I will get more when I get to see it in person. Gf took those to send to me :)

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  2. another old man having a mid-life crisis buying up the good cars...:mad:

    j/k.... pics of daughter on hood please :p
  3. Nice! Looks still excited? LOL. We were just giving you a hard time in the other thread haha. It was too easy :D
  4. Haha, I was over exagerating when I posted that. I thought it'd be funny and knew you guys would rip into me, hahahahaha. Gf said it's putting down around 500rwhp. I can't wait for him to take me for a spin.
  5. :drool: Man I bet that things wicked! Now I know he wont let your drive it! LOL. I wouldnt let anyone touch it if it were mine LOL.
  6. Yeah, I know he won't either, not for at least a year or so. It's his "toy car." Hahaha, he said he's gonna let his daughter drive it, though. She's gonna romp the **** out of it! She'll let me drive it ;)
  7. You should put that your girlfriends dad has a Cobra in your sig!
  8. ugh...:jealous rage:

    congrats for ur gf's father :nice:
  9. Oh, it gets better =)

    Gf - 1979 Formula Firebird Maroon w/ Black Stripes
    Gf dad - 2003 Cobra Black w/ Black Interior
    Gf bro - 1992 Mustang GT (?) Special Edition (?) Red Vert w/ White Top and White Wheels
    Gf mom - 2003(?) Dodge Ram 1500 White w/ Bed Cover, nice stance

    Me - :notnice: 1998 Mustang GT Vert White /w Black top & Black leather interior :drool:

    Oh's sister: 2003 Kia Rio