Pictures of 87-93 Mustangs W/ '95 Cobra R Wheels

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  1. So I'm waiting the days until mine show up in the mail so I can put them on. I'm curious to see what they look like on other cars! Please, if you have or know of pictures of fox stangs with '95 Cobra R rims on them please post them!
  2. Here you go:

  3. Nice,

    It's gonna look hot!!!! Anymore guys? I got a set of chrome ones too so if anyone has chrome wheel'ed pictures that'd be awesome.
  4. There are like 14 zillion foxes running around with Cobra R's...but here are a few for you..
  5. AWESOME!!!!
  6. It looks like many of these also have the reproduction wheels that I'm getting. Few of them have the actual Cobra "R" logo as the center cap. . .
  7. Im not sure if your after strictly factory R wheels, but heres mine



  8. Nahhh,

    I'm not after strictly factory R wheels. From what I can see they are exactly the same minus the center cap.
  9. I put the lowering springs on mine as well. In these pictures, from what I can tell black, red and blue/purple stangs have been lowered as well. They look sick.
  10. here's my POS on 17" chrome cobras... soon to be DD 10th anniversaries...

  11. Cobra R's are so played out.
  12. so. that doesnt make them look bad.
  13. Yeah. . . . YEAH!
  14. yes they are played out I agree, but they still are a good looking wheel on the fox.
  15. Eh, I like them in five lug, but four lug makes them look goofy. I do however like like the black ones with the silver lip.
  16. How have any of your comments added anything to this thread?

    Someone once told me opinions are like............
  17. How about some crappy pics of some black chrome?


  18. Are any of these pictures w/ 17X8's and not 17X9's? They didn't have the 9's in so I went down a size. I'm now worried that they won't sit flush with the fender but rather be sucked in an inch.

  19. They're not my favorite wheel but on the right car they do look good..that's why so many people have them. I'm a huge fan of the '98 Cobra wheels....MUCH better looking IMO.