PMS or Tweecer RT (need advice quick please)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by gatorbytes2, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. The pms can change tunes on the fly. It can tune on the fly. Shoot...everything it does is on the fly:p

    The PMS can tune just as well and accurate as the tweecer.

    Low speed settings? Do you mean tuning in the low rpms? If so, the PMS does that with ease. Not exactly sure what u meant:shrug:
  2. And to add to Nate, the PMS also holds 3 programs which you can swap between on the fly as well. The +/- deal is in very good. Timing is every degree, fuel is percentage, rpm is very precise.
  3. "Low speed settings? Do you mean tuning in the low rpms? If so, the PMS does that with ease. Not exactly sure what u meant"

    Yes. That is what I meant. I cannot remember who told me that, but that is one of the reasons I went with the tweecerRT. So the PMS can do timing/fuel trims at low rpm? Is that for the newer cars only or does that include the older eecs too???:shrug: I think the PMS tuner literature read something to affect that adjustments can be made beginning at 2000rpm and up. For a 94/95 car the area between 0-2000rpm was what I was worried about (aftermarket cams wreck havoc on idle characteristics of a stock 94/95 computer and I didn't want my car to idle much higher then stock...even with an aftermarket tfs cam). If that is changed now cool..then I am sure the PMS is a pretty nice unit.

  4. New and old can do it just fine. The new models of the PMS can tune lower i believe, not sure, but with more increments. But with me and using the older PMS on my 95, witha 302h/c/i and a 351 h/c/i tuning idle, low speed cruise/accel has been as easy as 1,2,3. No problems. No bucking. No surging. Nothing.

    You can tune the idle with the PMS...then it has different "windows" with the different rpm levels in them.
  5. If you wanted to hook a laptop onto the pms just to view the tune while doing a run down the road?

  6. That doesnt make sense to me. The PMS has its own controller to view the tune and other vital readings while going down the road. There are programs you can buy that allow even more control and viewing information on a laptop. So yes it is possible to hook up a laptop to it. But again, it depends on exactly what u are trying to do. Because it no where near a "must". Its just for that guy who wants to go that much deeper into the EEC. To get more of a "tweecer" feel i guess. Im not sure, i havent bought those programs....and dont really have a plan to in the near future.