SOLD Polished Vortech V-7 YSI setup

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by S&B, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. Up for sale is my Vortech YSI Polished setup. Never had any problems with it. Has about 1300 total miles on the unit. When Im not using the car "which is 99% of the year, the belt has no tension. I only tighten it when I drive.

    The blower is loud and makes boost like crazy. I have an extra belt and an AFM powerpipe that will come with unit. I will also include a anderson Mr. freeze meth sytem, good for 70-80hp with the current pulley. Never raced, Only real full boost was on 3 dyno runs and some street cruising

    I was able to make around 15-17lbs of boost with the 8 rib belt.


    Video of car on DYNO

    Price new for equipment $5,200

    Any questions email PM me

    Price is $4,000 Shipped Lower 48 States after fully funded
  2. TTT

    will trade for any mustang related item
  3. lots of kickers any offers ?
  4. would you be intrested in trading a novi2000 kit and some boot maybe for your ysi kit? thanx phone is 1-937-477-6535 if u wanta text also....
  5. I am listing this again, this is a great deal go look at how much this kit is new. Shoot me offers looking for a 408 s/b or other stuff
  6. do you still have it?
  7. wats your email
  8. I still have this unit for sale Here is the pictures and what you get
    Vortech renegade Polished kit
    2 belts
    AFM power pipe
    Anderson Mr. Freeze boost cooler

    KIT Price 3,250 Shipped

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  9. Sorry this is off topic but I realllly like how your upper radiator hose is set up. What fittings did you use for the water neck and radiator inlet?

  10. Those are AN (Airforce/Navy) fittings. Both Russels and Earls are some of the more popular ones. You can find them at Summit, Jegs, etc.
  11. Thank you I hope to enjoy the YSI setup this summer
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