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    For sale, a set of running pony floor mats for 79-93 mustangs, made by ACC Mats.
    These are in great condition, selling for $50 + shipping, half the price of buying new.
  2. still have?
  3. Still available, a couple of deadbeats backed out of the sale.
  4. If you still have them. how about $40 shipped? beats sitting in your garage another 5 months collecting dust.
  5. Still available and collecting dust in the garage :)
  6. still for sale
  7. Take $40 shipped
  8. Sorry, can't sell at that price. The shipping alone is probably going to be $25 to most locations.

  9. Still available? Where are you located?
  10. Still have them for sale?
  11. Are they still available?
  12. Yes still available
  13. Paramus NJ
  14. LOL.. he's been sitting on these collecting dust for at least a year,when I offered $40. Must think they are the last set on earth or somethin.
  15. If I were him, I'd try to pick up $50 locally from another mustang guy. It's just that I can't see anyone paying $50 for a set and then $25 for shipping (his estimate) when for $15 more, they can get a new set shipped.
  16. These are not collecting dust. But are wrapped and boxed up to ship anytime. I'm in no rush to sell it. $50 is fair. I am willing to check shipment cost if anyone wants to provide a zip code.
  17. Pm your zip code. I will get a price for shipping and work something out with you. $50 may work depending on cost to ship
  18. I know anyone can buy these direct. When I posted the ad, they cost $119 shipped from American muscle. Then $99. Your offer of $40 is ridiculous if I have to pay the shipping cost. But thanks for taking the time to remind everyone I turned down your lowball offer lol
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.