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  1. I just bought a PC 7336 at Lowe's. I didn't realize it was a sander and the 7424 was a polisher. So i guess i get to take it back tonight. I don't think my loves even carries the polisher. Does anyone know the difference between how the two work
  2. I think they're pretty much the same thing. I'm guessing your's came with the sanding head, not the polishing head? You can look on Porter Cable's website....but the specs look similar. how much did you pay for it? There's a 7336SP model of the 7336 sander, it comes with the polishing head. So maybe its just a small step up from the 7424.
  3. Same difference swap out the sander for the polishing backing plate. And you will also need to buy the counter weight. That's the only differnce between the two, one comes with the backing plate and counter weight while the other just has the sanding unit.
  4. power differences and bevel differences

    thanks for the answer. I should ask the Lowes people but they don't seem to be too helpful. Is the metal rod that comes out of the polisher head (that goes into the female part of the hand held part of the tool) a screw or is it square on your pc?

    the sander thing (yes it came withsander stuff not polisher stuff) screwed in. When I went to autozone to see if htey had a polisher head what they gave me had a square shaped rod coming out that I couldnt use. So I took off the bonnet and used it . for abuot two minutes until it flew off. So now I will go see if Lowe's has the polishing bonnets for the sander so I dont have to return it.

    here is the company description of what i bought

    and here is the one that everyone else talks about

    From reading the descriptions and the specifications it looks liek the power and the rod thing I wrote about above are the only differences (?).
    and like you said that one came with snader stuff and the other polisher stuff. I paid 158 for mine and took it back to lowe's today (21 apr).

    I dont understand power ratings either so if you know can explain the differences I would greatly appreciate that as well.
    the sander power is
    120 VAC, 50-60 HZ

    and the polisher is 120 VAC, 50-60 HZ/120 VDC.
    thanks for your help
  5. I tyhink I just posted my response to the other guy as you posted yours about my polisher. thanks for answerin g my post. this is getting to be a real pain. I guess lowes won't have the counter weight or polishing counter weight if they dont have the polsher tobegin with. Maybe I should buy online. I normally dont like that since its a pain to return stuff.

    the lowes guys assured me their 30$ house brand was no diff from the PC as far as I was concerned. that PC was for pros that used one all day long or many times a week but for occasional wax/polish jobs it didnt make a difference. The house brand was variable speed, random orbl etc. also
  6. Lowes probably won't but it never hurts to ask. If they don't you can get one at www.autogeek.net
    Counter weight
    Backing plate
    Pads that match the counter weight and backing plate
    And to help your wallet out just before check out use coupon code Detailcity to recieve 10% off your total. Trust me I know it's not a cheap investment but the end results are well worth it imo. I have no experience with their brand of polisher but I do know all the pros recommend Porter Cables 7424 for a reason (even to novice detailers like myself).
  7. The PC7336 is a polisher as well as a sander, they just push the sanding since it is more likely to seel under that guise.

    It comes standard with a polishing foam pad (GOod for plastic and glass, but I would not use it on the paint), the counterwieght is already installed as well. No need to find one unless it is missing.

    I would go to http://www.autogeek.net/dual-action-polishers.html and look for some good pads. They come ina variety of flavors ranging from cutting pads (heavy, medium and light) to be used with compounds or other abrasive products, polishing pads and finishing pads. Foam, terry, MF and wool are available.

    I went with the Edge pad system since it is a much easier pad change when working.. You also need to look at the products for polishes, compounds, waxes and sealants. The choice you make will depend upon what you are working with and the results your looking to finish with.

    Check out their forums, a lot of really good info on there as well...
  8. i have the 7336 that i bought at lowes, its the same as the 7424.just different stuff int the box. if you use a 6 inch backing plate you dont need to change the counterweight and lowes doesnt sell them.
    i buy most of my stuff at exceldetial.com. if you want to buy locally you can usually pick most of the pads and backing plates at autobody supply places.
  9. I already returned my 7336 and it was almost 160. I dont think there is any reason to go back to lowes to get it. esp when a member on another board referred me to this setup http://www.autogeek.net/pitwpocaspof.html

    I won't need a counter weight for it either would I?
  10. thjanks for all the help, esp. you last two who knew the exact sander I was refferring to. I guess there is no benefit to me going back to lowe's and getting the sander back at this point. is there?
  11. with that set up you need a backing plate too so your looking at $223.00 plus shipping. i bought my pc for $109. at lowes. so you have to do the math and see which is a better deal.

    heres the link.

  12. that one you linked to is 139 and my lowes is 30 more than that. weird.maybe I will wait til my mustang club meeting this weekend. maybe someone is trying to upgrade to a rotary or something
  13. Don't say I never gave you anything
    And here the diff between the 7336 & 7424
    EDIT: Here's another deal to through you off
    You can go to your local Lowes and tell them you want that deal (Price match it) and it came from this store:
    MILWAUKEE, WI 53216
    (414) 449-5900
    Item #: 51472 Model: 7336SP
  14. thanks again.l That's alot of information esp. from someone who doenst use a PC. I researched online for several hours (see posts here and mustangforums, and I did googles., lowes site, PC's site, etc). Probably half my problem was not understanding basic hardware too good enough to know what I was reading. Anyway now the differences are settled. I am researching prices like figment advised now between the deal I posted above from autogeek and just getting what i need from other sources. will edit results in later. it seems like you and figment don't think that autogeek deal is so great. thanks
  15. thanks for the help. I am researching everything now including instruction and prices. I guess the foam pads for the same thing as the wool ones. I have a new black stang and am after a deep gloss. I used meg next gen car wax last 2 times. Ive just had the car for a month and dont need to wax it again for a while so am trying to be thorough in price comparison etc. for pads , pc device, since I have time before the next wax.
  16. Autogeek.net is a great site for info and products I have quite a few products from them. However you can get better deals if you look hard enough (as you can see), you just have to piece it together :nice: and take shipping into account. Autopia.org is a great site to research info and see what the pro's like to use and how to use them. Knowledge is power good luck and I'll answer what I can :nice:
  17. you need to change you store, up at the top of page. type in zip code 33756 and it will bring up my local store. they have it for 109. then print that and bring it to your local lowes and they will match it.
  18. thanks you and wystang have really helped alot and this last thing from you will really save me some money. Its esp. nice that I have time for it to arrrive and order pads etc. since I wont need to wax for a while. I didnt even know Lowe's did pricematching. OK I printed out the ad and will take it in tomorrow . thanks again. Do you know what chains have buffer pads for it? I've gotten alot of help about online sites but it would be nice jsut to go to a shop the next trime I am in the city and save the postage. All we have is autozone and they don't
  19. hello figment
    I did as advised and my lowe's said they ducould only price match within the county. I don't know how yours can sell it for 109, but I was tehe when the mgr called in and requested the store price for the 7336 and 7424. the store price on each was 127. He said his sotre price would be 160 (what I paid a couple weeks ago on the one I returned. So unless yuo know something about a chain-wide price matching policy that I dont and they arent telling me, then I am back to paying 160 and if so I might as well have him order the polisher. So I will loko for a polisher to be for 160, and see if I can order the sander for 109, from yuor store, and how much shipping will be, and wait to see if yu get back with me on the price matching deal. anyway, yuo can tell i've been poor from all the work I am diong trying to save a buck can't you