Post pics of how your foxbody currently sits

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  1. Just put 20" saleen wheels and five lug on

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  2. The MudStang!

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  3. Heres mine it is at my buddies house he is fixing what i did last yr :nonono:...but its a good thing it happend..u will see
    2552phg.jpg ..the car rolled out of the garage with the door open and it got jacked and bent to $h**...
    Its a good thing it happened it was rusted to hell on the door pillar .used a donor pillar out of another mustang to repair it
    my new door
    front bumper gettin repainted also to match the new hood..also got the cobra grill insert..not in pic
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    here is the fender all fixed
    Should be getting it back in a week...cant wait gonan be bad ass :D
  4. just bought it yesterday
  5. mine

    at the strip

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  6. I dont know the colour, I got it that way.
  7. I love your car.:nice:
  8. The 1992 GT is under construction right now. Ripped the stock motor down to the block and building up currently.

    Started like this. And few hours later the car was stripped.


    Repainted the engine bay black gloss. Car was originally green. Reprayed the block too.

    Installing the heads and drivetrain.

    With heads on and adjusted.

    With lower on and headers installed.

    We have a build thread in the 94-95 Talk Forums that has pictures every step of the way (use to be the Stangnet moderator there when I had the 94GT).

    More pics to come this weekend and hope to have all the engine parts completed.
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  9. Thank you, sir. Here it is as of now:

  10. beautiful car..... I wish my car was an LX so bad just because more wheels look good on them.
  11. Here's how my Fox sits...

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  12. Woo Blu, looking good!
  13. My 1990GT Weekender Few upgrades listed below on sig. Waiting on lowering springs to get here.

    My 83 Drag 408w Fogger, C-4 brake,cage.....ETC
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  14. after a lil paint!

    new hood spoiler painted 007.jpg