post pics of your fox stangs

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  1. yeah me too!
    DAMN 4-wheelers^^^^
    had the put in memory of my 66 coupe with 98k original miles^^^^
  2. That 66 coupe was a nice car
  3. ok what the hell




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  4. thanks, i would still have it but an old lady(02 cadillac deville) wasnt paying attention and pulled out and i hit her doing about 15mph and totaled it.:bang: :bang: :bang: did $4200 to hers and $3800 in just parts w/o paint and labor. pics of mine
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  6. I would have got out of the car and walked right up to her and punched her right strait smackdab in the a$$Ho1e
  7. Thanks, got them on my favorite car shop....E-bay:spam: :spam:
  8. And then there was this thread. :lol:

  9. god i really wanted to. it was a 35mph zone and and i was doing prolly 38 or so when she pulled out and i slowed to 15. i got out and said" are u okay?' and her reply was "flying wasnt u?" i was like "no". she called he husband and he come down there(lived like a mile down the road) he said he always see a red mustang fly down the road i was on and i stinned me because u cant even see the road from his house:shrug: I moved my car out of the middle of the road and he said
    "u moved ur car so the police would think u hit here way back there" i said "godamnit just shut the fawk up! U didnt see it and the police will see that she pulled out in front of me!!" and he did shut up!:D(police said its 100% her fault too) now that i talked about it im pumped and ready to whip ass. to bad it almost 2am:notnice:

    EDIT:damn thats long and i forgot to mention i was with a girlFRIEND and we decided to take my car and not hers(93 mustang 4cyl, auto) that morning
  10. Ok I would have punched him right smackdab square not in the middle but a little to the left bang on and a little offset and crooked hard in the ballsac. Then i'd say to the wife "Take off eh hoser".
  11. picture whore time...I love it....
    Laziest little guy in the world:

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  12. +1 :nice:
  13. ^^^I like that nice clean look with a S/C:nice:
  14. wow, i should start a pic thread for fox stangs :shrug:
  15. it's been done
  16. i cant believe this is still goin.:eek:
  17. haha, what do you expect whe somebody asks people to post pics of their car.
  18. Well.... maybe we would post pictures? But not us.... we can't follow the rules.

    I'm interested in DMAN's infection though.
  19. [​IMG]

    turbines are gone now there are black cobra r's in their place

    red strip still needs to go :nonono: