Post Pics of Your Mustang

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  1. Lets get those pics back up. We had a great thread going before the crash.

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  2. Looks great guys.

    GottaBeRed, I really like your wheels :nice:
  3. here is mine
  4. Cool, looks great. How about some interior pics?
  5. here are some int pics
  6. Only 2 weeks old, have a lot of modding to do......

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  7. There you go......

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  8. ok, here is mine

    finally arrived
  9. did it again, ok, here it is.

    got it this time

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  10. one more

    one last one

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  11. Red and Blue

    Only tinted windows - all other mods waiting for parts:

    Mods are "drying" at the shop. Will post pix when I get it back from M&S Collision in Santa Clara, CA MyxGTVert
  12. Hey, do you guys have any big pictures you can post? :lol:
  13. Uhm, oops! Sorry guys! I gotta figure out how to post the thumbnails. My bad!
  14. myxmach1, your stang is nice lookin but you need to clean your garage man! remember , a happy pony is one in a happy home (messy home's make em depressed!)

    peace :nice:
  15. Here is my two week old beauty.

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  16. Legend Lime Vert!!!

    Nothing Like a 05 Stang!!!!

    Ordered Dec 2 - Arrived March 19th, and the dealer
    said it was the ONLY allotment they were going to get this year.
    And offered me $3,800 more than I paid for it. Not even tempted.

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  17. DAMN!!! That is a SWEET paint job...where did you get that done?
  18. Pic of my 05 GT with Borla cat backs, Eibach Pro-Kit and Boze 19inch Euro Stixx wheels (9" and 10") with ContiSport2 tires, 255s on front and 285s in rear.

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