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  1. I am trying to compile the best tech related faq threads for a faq thread. MRaburn gave me this idea and I told him I would work on it for us.

    I need some good gear threads,
    Intake plenum threads(probably just link the mod depot one since its the best)
    Tire/Rim size,
    and whatever else gets asked 3or4 times a day.

    Whatever you guys think will be the best. I will go through what you post and pick out the most info rich threads and make a new FAQ thread and list them. That way the noobs and even the older members have a tech thread they wont have to do anymore than click a link.

    Thanks for your help in advance,

    btw:try not to get the threads with me answering questions like an ahole....I mean any with me in them.
  2. I've posted this link a million times due to the "OMG!!!11 if I put mad tyte 18s on my car won't my speedo be off, yo?"-type threads that always irritate me.
  3. thats why im doing this. thanks Nick
  4. sounds like a good idea and easier. but wouldn't be better if you just had a faqs page with good truths on gears, exhaust etc.. comparisons and distint sounds on pipes or whatever. some of those posts have 5 pages to them heh.
  5. You dont have anything really listed about nitrous but questions always come up about it, so heres a decent thread i started a while back all about it if you want to use it..:shrug: Nitrous Thread
  6. How to Install Upgraded Axles:

    Link Broken
  7. How about a forum dedicated to this topic? Each thread could contain how-tos and experiences from those who have performed the work themselves. They could be submitted for approval before being added to the thread. A general idea would be to have a heading for Driveshaft install and a how-to at the beginning. Then if anyone had an easier way or a problem they ran into and how it was solved they could add to it. If it was restricted by submitting the post before allowing it to be included it would clear up alot of the clutter in the thread.
  8. this will work, i just have to get enough free time to do a good search, i was going to do it myself but i just switched to a new dealer and havent had any time trying to get this place rolling

    Plenum comparison

    Accufab 75mm TB/Plenum install
  9. as much as I appreciate everyones help. can we please keep the links mainly from SN. Some of them like the tire calc is ok, but i would like to keep it sn stuff for the most part. I should be able to work on this myself in a couple more weeks, but would like a good starting point to base it all off of.
  10. FAQ

    remove rear seat
  11. Plenum and TB showdown:
    Link Broken

    Exhaust sound:

    4.10 gears

    gains from 3.73s and 4.10s:

    top speed with 3.73s and 4.10s:

    shifters including pro 5.0, tri-ax, mgw:

    b&m ripper

    drag racing:

    -5 components to a 12 sec NA 2v

    Installation of components:
    Need new link...broken

    3650 to tko swap:
    Need new link...broken

    setting the timing:
    Need new link...broken

    kenne bell install:
    Need new link...broken

    aluminum driveshaft:

    shifter install:

    plenum and tb
    size calculator