Post them pics!!!!!!

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  1. Haha, Shamu is jumping out of your back window!!

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  2. I thought they only put whale tails on Porches!
  3. Here's my '66 6-cylinder.

    Just finished rebuilding the front suspension and steering. It was down for about 3 months. Also just got new taillights, parking lights, and reverse lights.

    It doesn't have the horse in the grille anymore, because someone ripped it out last week. Now I need a new horse and grille. Yeah. It used to be my daily driver but I haven't driven it since then. Makes me sick.



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  4. Heres mine...

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  5. Kevin, who made your shock spacers? i'd like a set of thoseor two of those for my cars.
  6. I made them out of 3/4" aluminum plate...first I traced the outline of the bracket then removed as much material as I could using a band saw and vertical end mill. Then I ground the outside smooth using a belt sander. The right shock eye barely hits the bottom of the hood at this height and I still do not have very much shock travel. I am eventually going to replace my Konis with some they make specially for lowered cars, then I can remove the spacers.
  7. I have always wanted to ask you about the PHR photo shoot. Did your tires rub at all during the cornering shots? That left front tire in that cornering shot looks like it's laying on the fender. BTW car looks great.
  8. .

    Would SPICER or persons who know please tell me where I could get a pair of those GOOD LOOKING tail light brakets ?

    I understand that the design also matched the fuel filler cap ( which is not shown here )



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  9. It was laying on the fender...Hunkins wanted me to run tight circles as fast as I could without spinning out so I am at almost full lock. I am raising it up one inch in the back and a half inch in the front...hopefully that will be enough.

    How is your wheel decision going?
  10. Some to chose from at Mustangs Plus. Use their search and type billet bezels:
  11. How is my wheel decision?????? I'm pulling the trigger this week for sure. I have narrowed it down but, who know. I had decided against the dark center but, I saw a set of DPE GT7's with dark centers and I loved them. Check out my wheel thread on here and let me know what you think.

    Did the wheel do any damage to the fender on your car? I hope not, your car looks beautiful and I know that would be a huge bummer.
  12. not much but it's mine

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  13. Nope no damage. These?

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  14. ohhhh i like those wheels
  15. Those are the GT10's. The wheel I'm considering is a GT7. Take a look at my "pick my wheel" thread.

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  16. Here's me and my two '68s:


    There's still plenty to be done on both...

    Fastback engine compartment. I've had this car since 1993 and I'm always changing/fixing/upgrading something.


    And my convertible...

  17. Great looking '68s. When I got my '70 fastback I was actually looking for a '68. Great styling. Love to see you ladies driving and especially working on your stangs!!!
  18. My 66 coupe and 65 fastback

    Here is my 66 "A" code coupe

    Mustang -  Drivers side.jpg
  19. My 65 fastback

    And here is my 65 "A" code fastback. It is a project and will be stripped back and repainted.

    my 65 fastback project 3.jpg
  20. IMG_1263.jpg


    Bought this on Sunday for $3500. The damage you see is all it has except for a little bit of rust through around the gas tank in the trunk. And besides a repaint and a some bolt on engine work it is all original.

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