35th Anniv post your pics 99 GT " LIMITED EDITION"

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  1. just because it says 35th anniversary on the logo on the fenders, does it mean its an anniversary edition?
  2. No. All 1999 Mustangs('cept Cobra) have the simple badge. A true "Limited Edition" has several unique features. It was a $2600 option over the standard GT.
  3. All mustangs in 99 were 35th anniversary but the Limited Editions were different.

    Here is the difference between a regular 1999 and a 1999 Limited Edition GT. (Only 4628 made total. Coupes + Conv.)

    Breakdowns by body style:
    Coupe - 2318
    Convertible - 2310.
    Breakdowns by color:
    Red - 1555
    Black - 1299
    Silver - 1259
    White - 515


    Midnight Black GT leather/vinyl seats
    with silver leather inserts and (on
    front seats)

    Pony logo on upper seatbacks

    Silver/Midnight Black carpeted floormats
    with 35th Anniversary logo

    Silver leather door trim inserts

    Instrument cluster with gray mask and
    35th Annviersary script

    Aluminum shift knob (manual transmission only)


    Body-color hood scoop

    Body-color deck lid spoiler

    Body-color side scoops

    Body-color rocker panel mouldings

    Black decklid applique between taillamps

    Black tape applique on hood

    17" x 8" bright machined 5 spoke aluminum wheels with unique galloping pony logo

    Choice of 4 paint colors
    Black Clearcoat (UA)
    Silver Clearcoat metallic (YN)
    Crystal White Clearcoat (ZR)
    Performance Red Clearcoat (ES)
  4. Thanks LimEd99 I have answered this about 100 times in depth.
  5. detail42807004vn4.jpg
    Almost forgot the reflection shot

    Wash with Dawn
    Clay bar
    Wash with Meguires
    Wax with Gold Class
    Interior with Meguires Leather
    Trim and dash with Meguires dash and trim protector

    :ack: 4 hour detail

    Not bad for a 8 year old, 100k mile daily driver, ey?
  6. Matt your wheels look flawless.

    The guy I got my car from must have taken it to Discount Tire; the paint is scraped away from where the morons were trying to pry the center caps off.
  7. Dont be fooled :D The center caps on mine arent in good shape. I dont know how they manage to beat them up so damn bad, its not hard to remove without messing up the paint :mad:
  8. $24,965 GT Convertible
    $230 Traction Control
    $395 Mach 460 Sound System
    $15 Smoker's Package
    $550 Convenience Group
    $2,695 Limited Edition Package
    $525 Destination & Delivery
    $29,375 MSRP for my car

    The only options not included (I think) were Engine Block Heater and Automatic Trans.
  9. 2 limited edition convertibles?! And he has the very first one!? Sweet!
  10. I know that guy, he came to a car show that Tara Mustang club put on....nice car now. It was in pretty rough shape when he found it in FL. Nice to see he bought another.
  11. Here's a pic of mine along with my other rides.

    The White 93 is a Limited Edt Feature car.

  12. Lots of nice rides here. I'm jealous. :(
  13. Here's some better pics



  14. Nice car man, you might have the title for fastest anniversary around.

    S-trim or T?