Power Steering Lines

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Mavrick, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. Two questions here...

    1. Is it OK to have all my power steering lines ziptired together like this (previous owners doing)? Is there supposed to be a bracket or something, holding them in place so they don't rattle etc?

    PS Lines 1

    2. What is the point of this? One line is coming from the pump, and the other from the rack. If the two lines are connected together behind the rad support there, it seems as if i could run a single line going from the pump, to the rack instead of having both lines there.. would tidy it up a lot more.

    PS Lines 2
  2. Mav, im not sure i understand your question, but ill try.
    there is a bracket on the high pressure hose from the pump to the rack. it bolts to the driver side body area under the pump (look under the pump along the engine bay, you will see a bolt hole). the others dont have brackets, i dont believe.

    for number 2, i think this makes more sense to you with the responses on your other thread. stock, there is a high pressure line from pump to rack (one with the threaded fittings on the pump). then there is a line from the rack to the cooler in the front clip (your pic on the other thread). then a line leaves the cooler and goes to the pump (low pressure return). i think that is it (i hope i didnt forget one; i get the cars confused).

    i think your question is basically asking if you can ditch the cooler and run a high pressure line from pump to rack, and low pressure from rack to pump return. i bet you could, but why? the return line from the cooler to the pump would be the one you eliminate, and it is the cheapest (i used Auto tranny line, IIRC. or P.S. hose, one of the two). line cost under 4 bucks.

    oh wait, just re-read your post. if you want aesthetics, i bet you could scrap the cooler and clean it up??? i dont think the cooler is too efficient. LOL.
    i hope this helps. if not, ill try again later. good luck, bud.
  3. Thanks hissin, that clears it up..

    for the PS cooler, i was thinking of getting rid of it, to clear up my engine bay a bit more, but i think i'll wait till next season when im driving the car before i tinker with that.

    Is this the high pressure line your talking about? I'm going to play with this, and try to get the line to route differently.. i don't like how it sticks up in the air like that.


    Anybody else scrap the PS cooler? any problems?
  5. Thanks hissin..

    I took my pump completely off, i'm cleaning it up right now. Previoius owner stripped part of the PS high pressure line fittings... so it will probably be HOOPED like a bunch of other ***** im finding...
  6. Just looking at the second pic, your car was in a hard front end hit. Does your car drive straight. Your radiator support is hurting bad
  7. dustang... it looks to me as if the car bottomed out pretty bad... carfax is clean but the front end is messed up bit.. i noticed that the lines where the front bumper meet the fenders, isn't exactly the same on the drivers side compared to the passenger side.

    Not a huge deal right now though, i'll worry about it later if it's an issue.