Power Steering Underdrive Pulley ?

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  1. I've never even heard of a power steering underdrive pulley. I don't think that particular accessory draws that much power, and that's why underdrive kits don't include a pulley for it. That and the P/S pulley is a little more labor intensive to replace.

  2. It lessens the over-assisted feel the car I took apart had it with a 03 Cobra rack is it steers great and feels fantastic. I have that set up on my 93 now but alas its away for winter.
  3. So you recommend it ? Any change in horsepower output ?
  4. It's nice but as mentioned its a lot of work to swap a ps pulley so unless you are doing more I do not think it is worth the effort
  5. I'm not really worried about the effort involved - looks pretty simple with the right tools
    I'm going to try it out, only 30 bucks so why not. My rule of thumb is anything that comes at $10/hp or better can't be passed up - so hopefully it'll add like 3 hp and meet my criteria.
  6. So I went ahead and threw the underdrive pulley on. I noticed even though it's bigger it's also a bit lighter which is good to reduce the weight of the pulley system. It works - I think the steering does feel a bit better, beyond that I can't tell if it made any difference. It was really easy to do with the free tool rental from autozone, took like 15. Without the tool it would be impossible and you'd break the power steering pump, that's probably why it's not a standard on pulley kits.
  7. I mean no offense here but 3 hp seems so menial regardless if it's only 30$ and 15 mins.
  8. I concur. I gave u/d pulleys that were on the 90 when I got it, Shes nice n slow w dim lights. won't be putting them on the 95.
  9. Disagree completely. Show me a better HP to $ and time ratio. People spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours doing all sorts of things to pick up a couple HP here and there. It's not underdrive pulleys - still have the stock water and alt ratios so comment above is ill-informed.
  10. I guess what they are getting at is 3 hp is kinda cheesesy. But one could say the same for the installation of most bolt-on parts, cold air etc. But in your defense you did only spend 30 bucks and it gave ya something to do. But how do you know you got 3 hp if any, because eBay said so? If you got 0 hp and a slower turning powersteeing pump is it still a good deal?
  11. What dyno information do you have for the 3 extra hp as well?

  12. Not to pile on, but the only place you are going to notice a 3hp difference in any car is on a dyno. I personally think the bigger benefit is the potential better steering response. Questionable mod, but hey I've put U/D pulleys on just about every mustang I've owned- and probably for 15-20 hp at best for $75 to $100 for that. lol
  13. I didn't feel that this mod was worth a trip to the dyno.
  14. Well ebay claimed 0.05 to 0.1 in the 1/4 so that would be like 5-10HP.
    What means something is it's lighter weight and bigger, so it doesn't spin the pump as fast so I know for a fact that it gains some HP.

  15. Maybe. The difference at the wheels could be negligible. If it helped your steering, then of course it's worth it.
  16. Ma
    Maybe it's negligible but so is the cost so its worth it either way. Theres literally sh*t tons of mods we all do or have done that are negligible. CAI (in my opinion a negative gain), a degree of timing, air silencer, smog pump, egr delete, ac delete, shorty headers, larger injectors, this list is endless. These mods barely do anything but are still discussed and done. So im trying something new because someone has to, or should we just keep talking about explorer intakes??
  17. Lol, explorer intakes!

    As far as dyno testing for gains this small, that would be very hard to do. There are variables that affect each and every dyno run. Find 3 hp might just be the matter of waiting for the ambient temp to change 2 degrees or the car to have coolant temps 5 degrees one way or the other. To have back to back identical dyno pulls is something that doesn't happen. Of course everyone likes to keep the one that is highest compared to the rest when really an average of 3 would probably be more responsible. If you want to talk about gains from lets say an intake manifold where there is 15-20 hp on the table you will certainly see those results in dyno testing!
  18. To those concerned about the underdrive pullies on an SN, it's kind of up and down. Keep in mind that the alternator on the SN is lightyears better than the one on the Fox. It does sometimes get low voltage with underdrives at idle. I never have a problem so long as I keep a quality alternator, not a cheap rebuild.

  19. I put a 95 amp on the fox. One of the better purchases I made