Power Window Motor?

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  1. So my drivers side window does not work the motor makes a noise like its working but the window doesn't move. I took my door panel off to see what was going on and it looks like the motor was replaced because the door is all beat up and the nuts are diferent. It looks like some jackass tried to do it themselves and decided to beat the nuts off with a effin hammer (yup he's a genius). And I also found a piece (bracket of some sort) laying in the bottom of the door I know it goes on the bottom of the window. Its glued on or something...anybody know what the deal is with my window? Ill take pictures when I get home.
  2. The power window motor has plastic bushings inside of it that can be replaced. I believe you can get replacement motor bushings in the "HELP!" section in your local auto parts store. There's a nice tutorial on this other forum over here.
  3. In the tech section there is a sticky thread at the top. Show you have to change the plastic bushings.
  4. Ah, I knew there was a how-to here but I didn't find it in the search.