Pranks you have pulled at work.

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  1. i have a freind, his brother works in the local county jail as a sheriff.

    He said they waited till one of the guys had to use the bathroom, then they sprayed a little bit of pepper spray on the handle of the door. They said he went into use the bathroom and about 10-20 sec's later all you heard was a loud scream!

    I dont know if its true. But sounds pretty damn funny.
  2. Whenever someone leaves their workstation unlocked and walks away from their desk someone will hop on and send out gay love letters to other co-workers/bosses from their email account.

    Open invitations to evenings of pleasure or love confessions are always good.
  3. I didn't do it but we have a guy at work who's always late. One day he pulled up his truck in front of the door, jumped out and left it running so he could hit the timeclock in time, and another guy pulled his truck around and parked it on the other side of the building so when he came back out to go park, no truck.