Pretty Sick 300ZX

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  1. wow, just wow... :drool:
  2. I'm sorry but I'd rather have that than a 450hp Stang.

    Don't flame me plz. :p
  3. those cars are actually pretty nice. i went to my roommates house last friday and his bro has a TT 300zx, its an auto, but that thing is quick.....after a ride in it, i had a new respect for higher-end imports(like that, RX7, NSX) those types of cars, not civic or nasty ricers
  4. why does he have the corvette emblem in the front? :shrug:
  5. those seats are the bomb shtt!!!

    Overall....i don't like it....if it looked stock and had all those mods then it would be balls (as Vib would say)
  6. Do you guys see 56k?
  7. ugly, ugly UGLY looking car. I remember watching a vid of an older nissan 240sx (i think) with an LT1 in it. That car looked fun to drive, and it looked stock too.
  8. 56k what a waste ..
  9. most definitely, and it probably only runs 11s.
  10. ditch the wing and its a badass car.
  11. oh my god :jaw: why whould he do that those car's are so sick should have kepit it with the v6 the tt are so fast with simple bolt on's they will smoke and lt1 and an ls1 come on. :nonono: