Pricing??? Sound good or bad?

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  1. I found a 93 LX 2.3L hatch in pretty good shape. Far as I can tell from the pics it has one small dent in the rear passenger fender, but other than that its clean. Heck car even has brand new tires. He is asking $500 for it. That sound good or bad?
  2. tires alone cost that...what do you think? but yes, it a great price assuming its not a rustucket
  3. Heck yeah $500 is a good deal. I hope you bought it. I paid $1500 for mine needing tires, a paint job, brakes, had no radio and a nasty interior. The pluses were newly rebuilt A4LD, working A/C. I put in new carpet, seats from a '95 GT, new stereo, brakes all around and tires and still think I did well. Oh, and I talked them down from $2,000 because of the previously stated issues.:nice: