Mach 1 Pro Kit vs Sportline

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by screamn, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. I have found a great price on both sets of springs. I am just not sure how they would look. Plus how they would ride. I am looking for pics of Mach 1s with both the Pro kit and Sport line installed. Eibach claims that the sportline lowers teh car around 1.1front and 1.4 in the rear.

    Also has anyone ever used Gripp springs?
  2. Sportlines

    I had the sportlines on my '03 GT and they dropped a decent amount but I wanted more. The ride quality was good. The mach is already about an inch lower than a GT so like you said, about a 1.2" drop. The mach rides quite a bit rougher than the GT so I'm assuming that the ride will be pretty rough once I install the springs. I would get some illuminas valved for the drop and 4 bolt caster/camber plates from Maximum Motorsports. You'll be hard pressed to find pics of sportlines all though I did see a pic of a DSG mach with them and 19s on Doesn't give you the true look that the drop with sportlines on a stock 17 inch wheel would.

  3. Thanks. I just want to make sure that this stang isnt sitting on the ground once the sportlines are installed if this is the set i go with. I looked at both on Eibach's website and i like the look but like i said i just dont want to be sitting on the ground.

    By the way has anyone had any experience with Gripps springs from BBK?