Procharger kit for 2005 to 2010!

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by boston2k4, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. well im going to try to post one more time less some pictures because i am deployed right now and my brother would be handling the pics and final transaction!

    i had it listed before for $4500 but that was too much
    act right now and i wil send you everything i got except a fuel pump (200 bucks on lethal) and a tune (i would highly suggest a professional dyno session)

    this mean you get the blower with low mileage (less than 7000 on it because the car only has 8000 as it sits)
    the mounts
    the bolts
    all piping
    all connecters
    bypass valve
    extra blower oil
    A MAFia connector

    i will be buying new silicone hoses because the stock ones arent the best from procharger so thats brand new stuff for free!

    all i want is $3550.00

    i installed it myself outside in 4 hours with common handtools! With this kit i yanked 513hp and 498 ftlbs torque with longtubes and a catback.. there was more left in the tune but i have stock internals so i didnt want to hear a kaboom. if left at 500 or less its very pleasent to drive with a quiet idle but jeebus when you romp on it prepare for a tire bill :D

    contact me at
    [email protected]
    and if you are serious about it i will have my brother do a photo shoot and mail you with payment info
  2. Did this ever sell? If not, could I get pics to Lidocaine37 at yahoo dot com please. Very interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.