40th Anniv Production numbers - Old question, any new answers?

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  1. Has anything been unearthed about production numbers for the 40th anniversary packages? I have a 2004 GT w/ 5-sp in Crimson Red with the anniversary package. I had heard at one time that very few were made with the V8 and 5-speed manual tranny, can anybody verify that? I know Ford hasn't been very helpful in this area. The information I received was supposedly from someone in the Huston Mustang Club. Claim was that only about 200 anniversary GTs were made with the 5-speed. Seems somewhat understated to me???
  2. I also have a crimson GT 5 speed. Had not heard there were so few produced. Seems low to me also.
  3. as far as i know, crimson red was the most prominent color, then black, then white.
  4. I have the entire production breakdown for the Crimson Red cars. Unfortunately, there was no way to distinguish between regular and 40th black and white cars.

    If I ever get a chance, I'll sort the data. I think I can do manual/auto, mach460/1000, ABS/non-ABS...

    There were something like 254 of my car built, Crimson GT manual, convertible, Mach 460, ABS. My dad's '04 Redfire/parchment/ABS/Mach 460 GT Conv was slightly more rare, couldn't believe it (213 cars).

    Oh yeah, with a VIN, I can tell you build/sold dates, selling dealer...
  5. A few facts I have from the numbers I ran a year ago.

    - There were only 12 Crimson Red V-6 manual convertibles made.

    - The 300,000,000th Ford was built on 11/18/03 according to the media (a Crimson Red GT Conv). The only Crimson Red Mustang that was built 11/18/03 went to Hidy Ford in Ohio - and didn't sell until 10/24/04. I doubt this was the car - the photographed car was probably dropped on the line after getting the paint rubbed out for a few hours, 10 applications of clearcoat.
  6. For your entertainment, here is the breakdown I used for my car. Might go more specific on the other models when I get a chance.

    My 4,558 number includes all saleable production; this means some vehicles were pre-Job 1 but at a level that could be sold to the public. Those cars could have had the crap beat out of them by engineers, press, execs...They also are probably the Detroit area "used" cars you see on the lot super early in the current model year, with mileage in the five figures already. I think 4,529 is the number of official Job 1 builds.

  7. I love this production breakdown that you did! I purchased a crimson 40th GT coupe a few months back thats never been modified with only 36,000 miles. I love it, its a beautiful color. Do you have any further breakdown on the coupes? I have Mach 460 audio system, with ABS/Trac. I didn't realize that mine was one of 865...thats AMAZING!

    Thanks for all your hard work

  8. I'll work on it when I get a chance and breakdown each vehicle as far as I can go.

    Just hit 10k miles on my car at the end of July. At 10.1k now.
  9. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it
  10. The 4529 Crimson Red number does not include saleable pre-production units. 4558 is the real number offered to the public. The 29 extra vehicles were likely used for testing and marketing purposes before being scrapped or sold.