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  1. Alright putting a thread together of my build. Im calling this project, project copper can because when i found this car it was a tin can and a piece of S*** and im turning it to a nice shade of copper from house of kolor so now it will be copper can. So it all started when at work i did a :poo: ton of overtime and had this money burning a whole in my pocket, this much to be exact.

    So i found my 91 lx up in sykesville maryland for $3800. Not a bad deal for a car with 5000 miles on a rebuilt motor and a car with very little rust. so some before pictures of when i first picked it up.
    Motor specs are a 306 motor with stock crank
    Eagle h beam rods
    Keith Black pistons 10.6 compression
    Edelbrock heads with 1.6 roller rockers and dual valve springs
    Holley Systemax upper and lower intake
    Mac headers, off road h pipe and tailpipes ( all will be gone because i do not like mac products)
    Electric Fan and mishimoto radiator
    MGW short throw shifter
    Stock T5 trans
    Aluminum driveshaft
    4.10 Gears
    So my plans are to redo this car completely and turn it into a pretty mean street machine
    So first was motor and interior removal
    A motor mount gave me some trouble so a pic of me grinding it off
    More removal of parts bumpers 1/4 windows, etc..
    Upon removal of parts i found a few rust issues that im gonna have removed
    NO MORE WIRES!! also a pic of before rust and some body work
    After rust work, new radiator support, and new smooth fender aprons
    Got my upr k member and also the coilover kit with strange front struts
    This thing is tiny compared to stock
    K member installed and manual rack ordered
    view of struts and coilover kit
    Picture with rack installed
    Picture of my color choice for paint
    Off to paint we go
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  2. Primer on car hope to have it back in a few weeks
    notice anything? no more hood hinges or mounting for hood hinges!!
    Now to disassembly to have mckeown motorsports to fit my 306 with a 347 stroker kit
    Final product before shipping out to mme racing
    Now just waiting on getting the car back as well as the motor to start reassembly of my car, sad to say im missing my car and i didnt get to drive it much i dont even have tags yet. but check back soon and i will try to keep this thing updated.
    Thanks yall
  3. Sweet, I like the color you chose. Should be a good project, looking forward to watching it come together.
  4. Awesome! Looking forward to this one! That was the color I originally planned to go with.. great choice!
  5. Thanks all it was either gonna be this color or a ultra orange, but i found there are about 3 ultra orange mustangs around me so i decided to go with a copper orange
  6. you dont play games!
  7. Yeah this was all in a matter of four months to get to this point .. my mom amd gorlfriend both think i have a hole in my head
  8. Why are you deleting your hood hinges? It looks too late now to change anything,...but a lift off hood is gonna be the easiest way to absolutely, flat out F U C K up $350.00 a gallon copper House of Kolor paint.

    You look like you've been busting your ass so far,....Good Job!
  9. I deleted for lift off hood and it will be held by dzus fasteners and sit ontop of rubber mounts
  10. madmike1157 the only otger thing i thought of was use redline hood struts but i dont know how to attach them to the hood
  11. Gonna be nice!

    Looks like you are starting out with some really good parts too.
  12. Yeah well it might all go idk what imgonna do i do know the stroker is gonna be a scat crank with scat forged rods and ross pistons and my compression ratio goal is 9:1
  13. It's nice to see a build log where people actually have money to spend. I keep coming up with all these ideas that I can't make happen yet haha
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  14. The beauty of credit cards haha
  15. Haha I can't convince myself to spend money I don't have.
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  16. My only big purchase im gonma be dreading is motor i think by my calculations its gonna run me about 2600 bucks
  17. Well. the struts are only a lift assist. You still have to have a hinge to make them work.
  18. Taking the hood off and on will most assuredly make a mess of the mating surfaces of the fenders, and the hood edge. Then theres the "where am I gonna put the hood now"? after you remove it, where most people just put foam under the hood to allow it to sit on the roof w/o hurting it. (don't work)
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  19. Hmm then i guess i done did fudged up lol