Proper Way To Part Out?

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  1. I recently bought a new focus st. My 94 gt blew a head gasket and I don't want to spend another dime on making it run. It's falling apart. I was thinking of parting it out to increase my profit.

    Has anyone ever done this? Should I do Craigslist or eBay. Should I put a ad in the paper? I have some good stuff on it. T-5 trans is good. A real gt-40 intake. And other bits that should sell easy.

    I'm wondering if I should just put it up for sale as is. What do you think?
  2. I always did it on craigslist.
    Sold it piece by piece.

    I removed the parts myself, took tons of pictures and was as descriptive as possible.

    Pricing, I start a bit high, and let them haggle down a bit.
    They feel as though they got a good deal, and I got my real "asking price".
    Its a win/win!

    Also try to never meet at my place, unless I have to.
    If it'll fit in the trunk, I meet somewhere public down the street.

    Aside from some people flaking on a meet, I never had any issues.

    And I always made way more then what I paid.
  3. Do it on the corral and the sn95 forums. I've parted like 15 cars with no help of ebay or Craigslist

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  4. Corral is good too.
    I sell there quite a bit as well.
  5. Davis is spot-on, assuming your area has good clist activity. Make sure you use good descriptions that will help searches. I'd recommend multiple ads rather than one big list. Lots of guys doing restomods of first Gen cars will want stuff as well.
  6. agree with corral and sn95forums and sn95source. good place to post up the list.
  7. Price is right on.

    Man, I've done so many head gasket replacements.
    I'd have that torn down and put back together in no time.
    Put the stock intake and throttle body back on it.
    Sell the GT40 tubular intake, elbow adapter and FRPP 65mm throttle body separately.
    Spend an hour or two on cleaning up the engine compartment.
    It'd be a nice easy flip for sure.
  8. Im interested in the two tone interior seats / carpet etc. Im in Northern NJ, not too far away.
    How much for the whole interior, i can come down and take it out myself.
  9. Sure ill sell the interior. 1600 and ill throw the rest of the car in
  10. If you still have this after the 10th ill take it

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  11. If your serious, call me tomorrow. We can talk turkey
  12. Ok what time works for you?

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  13. Any time from now till 11
  14. Pm me a number I can text you at

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  15. where are you at in nj (I'm in lawrenceville). I need a few items for my 94 I'm sure very few others have interest in but can put a few bucks in your pocket.
  16. Back off were negotiating

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