Ptk Turbo Install Complete

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  1. looks good i wanted that kit for my car too but too much under hood heat for my paint :(
  2. Dammit I need to change boxers now..... That looks like soo much fun.
  3. look good, im so jealous. How you get all this money to play with?

    honestly i would of thought by now you would have had everything polished and painted with your signature style.
  4. Thats awesome man.....

    Im also wondering about the fitament of the 351. Any insight?
  5. Once again JR proves that the rest of our cars suck! I think he's changed blowers twice in the time it's taken me to finish my engine build up lol.
  6. Cant see the pics either...I see pics in other threads but only not in here..:bang:
  7. looks great JR, cant wait to see some numbers from it.. i should be putting that blower in this weekend, as long as the MAF gets here in time.. keep up the good work man.. thanks again for all your help with the vortech, and ill let you know how it is once it all comes together

  8. every time i see that engine bay i about blow a load, and now with the turbo that factor shot to like 5000x
  9. Awesome JR. How much power do you plan to get from that sucker when your 357 is in? Also 1/4 times.
  10. As far as looks the supercharger looked cleaner in the engine bay. Just my opinion anyway. Get that thing on a dynojet already. Your nuts, two superchargers and one turbo later. Just drive it and have fun.
  11. Looks awsome man. Nice new plate there too i see lol
  12. looks great man! :nice:

    I would pop the hood of that beast every chance I got, just to make every person feel bad about their car :D

    -also, I'm glad to see the Cobra intake back on there...the KB was nice but didnt look as good as the cobra intake :nice: