purchased 4v block/heads 162.00 used

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  1. i just purchased a markviii complete motor for 162.00 on ebay.

    i'm only going to use the heads and modify the intake, but it is an example of how cheaply 4v can happen. reground cams for less than 3v cams. i'm not going to use them for a year, but one can never start too soon.

    as a side bonus it's a teksid block. not bragging or anything, but this should end the "it's too expensive" crap.
  2. Seems like u found a sweet deal..Deals are out there just gotta find them..
  3. i may end up with 400rw without them, but i want all of the parts to change just in case. i'm going to order the front cover from ford any time now... when ever i remember to do it. there is a set of "B" heads for 199.00 on ebay right now. we all know of the velocity issues with 'b' heads, but there is an easy solution i will demonstrate next year.
  4. B heads are a dime a dozen.....you can sell that Teksid block for $300-400 if your not going to use it.
  5. i'm keeping it in case i go for stroker.

    an 01 conti is for sale $499.00. i assume conti's changed heads to 'c' also.
  6. Nice find man.. I'd love to find deals like that
  7. Nice find bill! I could do that and make over 450 N/A with cams/ported heads/fr500 intake.

    But im still going with the Ford GT heads on a 302 BB almuinum block. (5.4 block is WAY to pricey)I am however thinking of buying a cheap aluminum block and sending it to VT when I do my build. It would cut down the price alot. :D
  8. the block on that conti motor is useless. its different and can only be used in front wheel drive applications.
  9. of course the block is useless but the 'c' heads are useful. 99+ use the same heads all other 4v's use. 03-04 conti's use the same as mach,cobra,etc the best non- fr500,GT heads. i dont personally consider the navi's excellent.
  10. i hate to say it, but i will probably go the same route.

    5l using 4.6 block allow EVERY header,intake setup there is. it somes down to reving the hell out of it. it's much cheaper to build a 5l bb or stroker. oh well. it's not going to happen until i finisher cams. if this looks bad before porting, but after cams i'll pull it and change.

    if cams = ~400 fw before porting than i keep. if not then it goes out.
  11. Thats a good idea, you will save yourself about 1,000 dollars getting your own block. I bought my Teksid for just under 300 and wanted to get the BB but its the race season and they are very busy and backed up so i'm building the one i have now to stock forged spec and i will find another good Teksid and ship it to VT to be made into a BB and keep my current shortblock as a spare :D I might even do the 324 just because i like the sound of it....
  12. 02 was the last year for the continental which they were running the c version heads.

  13. Are you doing a 2V or 4V buildup? The reason I ask, is the same reason im doing the 302 BB and no stroker. From what I have heard, the piston on the strokers actually comes up out of the bore and reduces piston stability at high rpm. I dont know if this is true, but thats why I wasnt doing the 324. Especially since ill be spinning mine to 8000-8500RPMs, thats the last thing I want lol. So if your doing a 4V setup you may want to ask VT about that....with a 2V it should be perfectly fine.

    BTW I love the sound of "324" and the enhanced torque that will be right where you use it everyday, so I hope im wrong.

    And yea I had thought of/planned on buying a used aluminum block about a year ago....but honestly forgot about it until bill posted that lol. And looks like you found an AWSOME deal too, $300 is pretty cheap. :nice:
  14. I'm staying 2V on this car. I already have VT prepped heads and the 2V blower so need to switch. I have been eyeing up some cheap 96-98 coupes as a 4V drag car...

    From what i read the pistons on the strokers do come out of the bottom of the bore but on a block that was re-sleeved such as big bore the sleeves are longer...i haven't asked Jim/Scott this first hand yet but i will when i get around to wanting that 324 again. I'll be happy with my blown/cammed 281 for now....if it ever gets together.
  15. I picked up a Navi shortblock for 250 off ebay. I have already talked to bill about it. I am going to put it in a fox or a 94-95 car. 4V TT Drag Car. It is a long way off but it will be alot of fun!!
  16. That will be fun to play with...
    I'm thinking of a 4V with C heads and a KB 2.4L on a stripped out car with full drag suspension. I think I will enjoy ripping something like that up at my track every Fri night.
  17. Thats the plan :D

    Actually I am gonna custome build a TT setup for it. I want a project me and my son can work on, and that I wont care when I break something. It might take 5 years to build,... but itll be fun.
  18. Bill, are you giving up on the 3v or is this for a different car?

  19. i'm not trying to be a conti expert. i was trying to illustrate that 99+ conti's are cheap and you'll get 'c' heads.
  20. i'm sticking with the 3v for now. i'm just building a contingency in case i fall short of 400rw with 5.4 3v. that block is pretty much useless to me. i'll add it to the PILE building in my shed. i worked too hard to get 5.4, so i'll stick with it for now. the BB stroker 4.6 teksid is inviting.

    BB with a nominal stroke increase seems to be safer than all out.