Pushrod motor in a 2000

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  1. I've been looking for a fox roller for awhile, but came across a 2000 v6 for dirt cheap. What does it take to convert this to a carb. winsor car. I am assuming new 8.8. What about k-member and stuff like that. I have a Tremec TKO 600.
    Thanks Paul
  2. hmm... I think the k member is different, and you would have to get a diff out of the a sn95 car as well to have the right width. Its not impossible though, but I would have to look around more to see how to go about it.

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  3. me and a friend are converting his 00 gt to a 331 nitrous, fire breather, it deff can be done, we are still gettin all the parts together for the convert.
  4. Look into the legality of a swap like this regarding emissions and inspection.
  5. what emissions? :D do they have that in iowa?
  6. In states with emissions inspections, and even some without 'em, the law states you can only put a newer motor into an older car, and ONLY as long as you also transfer all of the OEM-spec smog equipment along with it. I'm pretty sure that even a half-wit inspection mechanic is going to know something is up when he sees anything newer than a 1989-model-year vehicle with a carbuerated ANYTHING under the hood. But in Iowa ... who knows. I dunno if they even have safety inspections up there. I know Kansas doesn't have diddly-squat, aside from a brief look-over if you bring a car in from out of state, just to make sure it isn't stolen or something, but it's otherwise a free-for-all there; Missouri, on the other hand, is apparently starting to get so anal that they're on the verge of imposing full-on smog sniffer inspections and crap there, so you might look at the long-term prospects of doing a swap like that in Iowa. (Good things never last forever.)