Quad Shock Hardware

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  1. Not the brackets, just the nuts and bolts. Anyone recall the size/length of the bolts?

    Can't seem to locate my old hardware. Putting the quads back on and need to gather up some hardware. Hoping someone can save me 3-4 trips to the hardware store
  2. No. Not that one. That is installed. I need the nut that threads onto that stud, and then the bolt that threads into the mount on the axle.
  3. Rear Shock 12mm x 1.75 x 70mm or you can use a 1/2" x 1.50" long bolt.

    Quad shock axle housing mounting bolts(12mm x 1.75 x 70mm)
  4. Interesting that they went metric here. Ok thanks i'll grab some
  5. I didn't realize that they were all the same size. :shrug:

    Shows how observant we are.
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  6. Oddly enough, it seems that most of the body & suspension nuts and bolts are metric, while the engine is all SAE.

    I suspect that the reason for the engine being SAE is because the tooling was all designed before metric became the standard for most of the world outside the USA.
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  7. If I remember I will try and grab my Ford Service Manual but I think it will only list the Part Numbers, I recall doing that to buy NOS Ford Hardware for my Front A Arms.
  8. I think i'm going to see if I can put a set of quads back on too. What are you using for replacements? I'd love to use the koni's, but $350 for a set of shocks I've lived without for 20 years is a bit steep. I see chain store replacements for like $100 set.

  9. Gabriel's from rockauto.com. $15 each
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  10. Just confirming this was correct.

  11. To the best of my knowledge. As I mentioned, I had not realized they were the same size until I found it in multiple posts.
  12. I meant to say Bought the hardware listed and confirming it does the trick
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  13. Oh. lol I suppose you will know very shortly.
  14. Perfect

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  15. Damn that's clean
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  16. It does look really good under there. I've been saying for years I was going to have the brackets and calipers powder coated or swap them for a set that has been. Did you have them done or do an exchange? Mine have like 15 year old paint on them and it's pretty worn out. I have a good powder coat place near by, but if the prices are close, I think the exchange is a no brainer.

  17. The calipers are Powerslot powdercoated calipers I got from Rockauto.com. They were $50 each, plus $22 core. So $70 each plus shipping. They came with all new hardware, boots, clips, copper washers. I just added a set of pads, and reused the banjo bolts from my original calipers.

    Rather than send my old set of Cobra calipers back for $40 core minus shipping (so probably $25-30 returned), I tossed them on ebay and sold them for $100shipped. So at the end of the day, it only cost me $60 or so.
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  18. Thanks to this post, I was motivated to reinstall the quads today.
    Rock auto was out of them, so I just got them from amazon.
    Gabriel 14309

    Thanks for the bolt sizes noobz, fit correctly.
    My hardware store only had them in 80mm length, little long, but doesn't pose any clearance issues.

    I managed to get mine on without removing the tires, by jacking up each side.
    Took about 20 minutes (remember I have a car lift)

    Project left me feeling like an idiot.
    I took off the quads to run southside bars like 20 years ago, never tried to reinstall them.
    Even with my 275 35 18 drag radials, there really is plenty of room, and these tires are really wide.

    I'd also recommend anyone reinstalling them put some kind of rust killer on the studs and in the holes first.
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