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  1. Hello everyone. I recently bought an '08 GT from a dealer. It has a Ford Racing intake and from what I've learned, this intake requires a tune. I don't believe the vehicle has a tune on it. I have been getting horrible gas mileage, and also knocking at very low and very high rpm. I'm assuming that this is because the computer isn't adjusted for the intake. If anyone can give me any information here it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Ford Racing intakes came in two styles. The plastic bucket 85mm MAF and a sheet metal shield with a 90mm MAF. Both of them required a tune of which frpp supplied through their procal tool supplied with the kit. For reference I measured the stock airbox MAF at about 81mm. Running a larger than calibrated for MAF causes the ecu to meter in less fuel than needed resulting in a lean condition.
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  3. Thanks for the response cusp. Would a BAMA or Brenspeed tuner solve my problem? What tuner would you recommend?
  4. When I bought my Ford Racing 85mm Cold Air Intake from American Muscle it specifically stated that it required a tune, so I bought a SCT iTSX Wireless tuner at the same time, which came with 3 tunes. I then installed the intake and loaded the 91 octane performance tune and my 2009 GT/CS has run great ever since.
  5. Did you buy it from a Ford or other manufacturer's dealership or a used car lot? If you bought it from a Ford dealership they should put it on the machine and see if it's been calibrated correctly. What octane fuel are you running? A stock Gt runs on 87 octane, it might be tuned to run on 91 or 93, hence the ping/knock. I would not run it very long or hard until you get it taken care of.
  6. Have you ever used the "Race" tune? I have the same package and never had any luck with it...