Roush Question for 02 or 03 owners

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Lundys 98, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. I was at Best Buy the other day and a bad Saleen came by. It was Yellow and sounded sweet. :worship: Well some kid gets out of it and starting bragging about it. I am like do I look like I care. :shrug: Well I ask him what he pays a month and he tell me it goes up and down becouse the car is so expensive. It it true that you guys pay a grand a month on a car? Thats what he said his payment was. Or is this :bs: ?
  2. 55-60K FOR A SALEEN


  3. I put $10,000.00 down on mine and got 0.0% financing and I still pay $700.00 a month. So depending on options and the interest rate he could be [aying about a grand.
  4. :jaw: . I think I will stick with my V6.
  5. I traded a 00 GT for my Saleen. Ford credit added over 5k in negative equity to the Saleen loan. 42k + 5k over 60 months @ 9% got me $1008.08/month.:notnice:
    I have since sold the Saleen for a couple of better rides.

  6. The price of my 2002 was $45,000 and I pay $722/ month.
  7. oh....and I also got 0% interest! :worship: :nice:
  8. I wish i could edit. :nonono:

    I put $5,000 down.

    oh...i guess i can. :lol: :spot: bad. :p
  9. i just got an 02 yellow saleen coupe for 600 a month brand new. helps to have friends......
  10. 938 a month for 60 months, 9500 down, 14.5%. 45,000 price of car.
  11. What do you guys do for a living to pay these kind of prices? Just wondering. I need to find a job.:jester:
  12. I'm in real estate & loans.
  13. cnc programming and manual machinist, do some custom work on side also.
  14. Those are scary numbers for monthly payments. You guys must think it's worth it, but not me.

    Will someone try to justify that? I don't get it.
  15. Maybe I will win Power Ball one day. :rolleyes: Thats the only time I could pay that.
  16. I make a **** load of money. What you are willing to pay for some thing is relative to how much money you make. I do think it's worth it to pay $700.00 for my car cause I like it alot. If I didn't think it was worth it I would not have bought it. :nice:
  17. yeah same here, ive wanted a yellow saleen for years and years. so i dont care how much it is. mustangs are pretty much the only thing im into so i doesnt bother me at all. im sure i could of built a faleen for much cheaper but its just not the same. i just passed up a extreme for 700 a month like a jack ass. anyone on here have an extreme?
  18. Your right, your a jack ass.:shrug:
  19. lol yeah i am. but i had just bought my '02 #454 ( youd be suprised how many people think thats the motor ) and i wanted that car. im tryin to build my car to smoke a e-car and z06's.