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Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by sgarlic, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Since the contact us link at the bottom hasn't worked for me on any computer I own for the last 6 months or more, I'll post my questions here.

    1) Am I supposed to not get credit in my post count for posts I make in talk sections? The faq doesn't seem to have any specifics on this forum.. just the general forum program rules. I've noticed there are people with thousands and thousands of post, who rarely EVER post in tech, but always in talk.

    2) Whatever was decided about crediting people's previous post counts before the crash? I looked everywhere for this, and only managed to find one sarcastic response from a mod which wasn't all that helpful.
  2. 1 - Post count only goes up for tech forums. Talk forums won't make your count go up.
  3. And they'll go up with Regional forums :nice:
  4. What about question 2? Are we ever going to get credited for our post counts from before the crash?
  5. I think if you PM a mod who you get along with they can adjust your post count. I do not think you need to worry about it though since you know so much about cars...

    technical knowledge >>>>>> post count

  6. only admins can do that. us regular mods can't
  7. I'm sure a Admin will give you your post counts back. You are not a user that doesn't mess around like some of us.

    Me i don't mind, since i had over 1000 posts that were deleted since the crash
  8. I was asking more for gee whiz info I guess.. I'm not overly concerned about my own count, it's just that I recall a month or so after the crash something about "reinstating post counts soon" and never heard further.. thanks for the replies, fellas. :nice:
  9. I have requested an admin's assistance.
  10. The crash was only over a 2 month period so could not have been ALL that many. I believe the statement was not fix post count but fix custom titles.