quick 5 lug converion question

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by homiegloc, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. ok i got rotors of a 1988 mark 7 and noticed the grease seals for the front bearings are bigger than the stock 1991 ones
    so i have to get some new ones,

    now i was wondering if the bearings are different between the mark 7 and 91 mustangs so i can pick them up tomorrow when i get to the parts store.

  2. anyone know plz?
  3. I used SVO rotors on mine, I was fortunate enough that the SVO's fit the 87-93 v-8 spindles perfectly. Both the bearings and the seals.
  4. PS take your old bearings with you for comparison, or have them pull out new ones and compare to the mark ones.
  5. SVO and Mark 7 rotors are the same save for the ABS ring.

    I used Mark 7 rotors before and i reused my stock mustang bearings and seals fine. Rotors were the same was the 4-lug ones except for the 1 extra lug
  6. 5L5, that's interesting about the ABS ring on the mark rotors. Just did a turbo coupe brake job and bought new stang rotors because the T coupe rotors were $146 vs $41 for the stang. Only difference was the ABS ring. I popped it off the bad TC rotor and spot welded it onto the new stang rotors. How much were the mark rotors?

  7. They were approximately $55 each for the ones with ABS rings. I specified a 1990 model and the option for ABS or no wasn't there. The only rotor showing had the ABS rings on them

    For an '86 mark 7, they do show 2 rotors. the non-abs rotor was $55 and the ABS rotor was $90.

    SO i'm confused. :shrug: