Quickest mods to beat LS1!!

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  1. I'm new to this site and I already can use help. I recently bought a stock 99 'gt/auto. I have a friend who recently bought a stock 04' GTO/auto with the LS1. What mods do I need to edge the GTO?
    Its only a matter of time before we meet, and when that time comes, I want to be more than ready. I've never backed down from a race, and I won't now. I know it's heavier than the stang, but I also know that it puts out more hp. I'm going to start modding next month, and I would appreciate anyones help.thanx' :)
  2. Nawz. Lot's of it brah.
  3. Just dont blow the floorboards out!!!
  4. Yup, you'll definately need about a 100 shot or hope your friend doesn't know how to drive.
    A couple years ago, I ran into a GTO with 30 day tags in my 97GT. We ran several times from 0-60. (for some reason, we were letting off at 60mph at the track ;)). I edged him out by a nose everytime, but if the race continued he would have obviously won. He couldn't drive and I was driving the nuts off that poor 97. He must have been pissed when his new GTO lost to my stock 97 GT. :lol:

    BTW, if you read the agreement when you joined, you'd notice that you aren't allowed to talk about street racing. :Track:
  5. yea man i say just get some spray and call it a day. Get the NX plate kit. that was the same kit i ran and sprayed a 200 shot on it haha. I wouldnt recommend doing that though lol. keep it at a 150 or less and you will be good for many years of fun. and get a bottle heater at minimum

    welcome man :flag:
  6. :welcome:

    and as some said, your easiest way out is Nawzzzzz, lots of it, make it two bottle. :rlaugh:

    and :Track:
  7. sell it for a 5sp....
  8. :lol:

    ... not exactly. It's not like now having a stick will make his car outpace the GTO. It's a 5.7 liter, 350hp motor, and even if he goes into a stick, he's still working with nearly 100 less horsepower. Running a 100 or 150 shot would even it up considerably.

    That, and pray that he can't launch worth a damn... or know what nitroused cars sound like.

    edit: forgot, 04's had the LS1, which means you have some better chances, but you're still down 100hp.
  9. Cant beat em, joint em !!:D
  10. Yes, the most important thing is that you have the faster car. All other things in life are secondary, and by all means, race him in the parking lot at school. That's what the cool kids do.
  11. Supercharger
  12. Ford's auto suck!
  13. LS1 GTO all you need is a few bolt ons, gears would help aswell along with traction.

    Those cars are fat and the almighty LS1 didn't do enough for them. LS2 Goats are a whole nother story though.
  14. exactly what I was going to say. :D
  15. Thanx!!

    Yeah it seems NOS is the only way to go. I was gonna go with the," If you can't beat em', join em" idea and buy a 99' TransAm Firehawk off one of my friends mom, but i'm not really into the small space, baby rear seats, and overall ride quality of it. She's asking $7500, I just hate to switch cars so fast & I like the 4.6l a lot so far, hasn't gave me a problem besides replacing the IAC....
    I also plan to :Track: whenever I race the GTO....Also, i don't really think a 5 spd's gonna do much against the auto GTO, I've been in it and from 0-60,its slow, but after that, its all downhill , thanx for the feedback so far.
  16. PICS PLZ! :D

    don't base your mods on beating some other guy lol try and aim for mods that will make your car feel like its making progress up the HP slope haha more SOTP factor = happier mustang driver. What's gonna suck is if you blow the engine with the NOS and you just got the car.

    i think a nicely modded and sophisticated stang with a respectable bolt-on list and suspension upgrades is way more impressive than a stock gto :shrug:

    just my 2 cents.

    but to answer your actual question, NOS is your best bet, or any type of forced induction for that matter :shrug:
  17. You better hope your buddy isnt on ls1tech.com doing the same thing your doing. Cause if he just does some exhaust work, gears, and a cam swap it dont matter if you have nitrous, it's game over for the mustang. ls1's are quick from the factory, but once you start throwing parts on them they are down right sick! One thing he will have a problem with is if he starts modding it he will break those half shafts in the rear, the GTO's have a IRS in the rear. But a friend of mine had a 05 gt auto and he put underdrive pullies, C&L cold air intake, 4.10 gears, i think the plates are called IARC plates maybe? (they are underneath in intake and eleminate the little butterflies that are on it from the factory), and had the car custom tuned with a SCT tuner and that car would run 10.50's in the 1000 ft at 98mph, stock ls1 GTO's will run around 11.2's in the 1000 ft. GTO's are just to heavy. No offense, but if the GTO get's modded, it will be Pontiac FTW!