raced a 2000 z28 on video game ;)

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  1. So I was racing this dude this morning and I totally smoked him. I was on my skate board and I have modified trucks and hardened wheels whith race bearings. Well there was this squirrel on my tail so I just put my foot down and was getting a nice lead on him. Well I think the squirrel had some NOS (energy drink) cause he started to pass me. Well I stomped down hard and crushed him. He soon became just a speck in my mirror :D
  2. :OT:
    Well, I'm new to this site, and yall got some awesome smiley's!

  3. You've got a mirror on your board?

    How come its not listed in your list of mods? :shrug:
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  5. Does that skateboard have the Lokar Dipstick? BTW that Grape NOS energy drink gave me explosive diarrhea.
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  7. You probably shouldn't have drank the big bottle....two of them. :shrug:

    And here I thought the BHR had some pretty worthless threads.

    Laser, you really have infected the whole damn site haven't ya. :hail2:
  8. :lol::stick:
  9. dude, laser i was reading this in class and nearly busted up laughin right now, hahahahaha :rlaugh:
  10. I would still like to know where you mounted the mirror on your skateboard.
  11. I have it hanging from my helmut :shrug:
  12. That's nothing...on my way home yesterday in my 2000 kia sephia(mods hidden so no one knows wut i am packing;)) this hennesy viper pulled next to me and was all like "i bet my car is faster!" and i was all like "nu-uh!":fairyfight: then he ran the red light(stupid head:eek:). so i waited for it to turn green and jammed it. it only took a second or two for me to catch him then i turned on my secret weapon(aka electric supercharger:rock:) and wasted him. just imagine how bad i would have smoked him if i would have had on my new fuel atomizer i just bought at the thrift store:drool:

  13. :lol:

    They still make you wear that thing all day?
  14. Yes. They were wondering why I am always banging my head against the desk. I showed them it was always after one of your posts and was informed that if I want to stay on here I would have to wear it because of insurance regulations :(
  15. The O pipe lolol