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  1. I would like to keep my original radio and convert it to am/fm with auxillary jack. Are there any companies that do that. I was gonna get the USA 66 but I heard the sound quality is poor any suggestions.
  2. The only problem with that is I want the exact look alike factory radio. I have the factory radio and I was thinking about just putting an auxillary kit in it
  3. check
    i got their adapter for my '39 Ford V8, works fine.
  4. Can you explain redidad to me I don't quite get it
  5. I was planning on using my stock radio for just the 4 X 10 in the dash. I was going to put in a Custom Autosound secret audio radio and speakers in the kick panes and the rear. This will allow me to keep the sound and the look of the original radio but have the option for everything else when I want it.
  6. it's a little box with antenna in and antenna out leads and an audio input wire with mini-jack (plugs into any modern player and cell phone including iphone).
    it plugs between your radio and car antenna wire. when the unit senses a signal at its audio input, it broadcasts it through its antenna output. you just tune your radio to the unit frequency. when no audio signal is sensed, it lets your radio operate as stock with now interference to antenna signal.
    hope it makes sense