Ran a [email protected] 3.27 Gears, NA!!! 3476 lbs!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by JayZ, Dec 30, 2003.

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  2. Why are you guys raising the BS flag, a bone stock GT with ET Streets and 6k RPM launches should be at least 13.5 or better. With LTs and good track conditions it is totally realistic.
  3. Call BS all you want because when I meet you on the track you won't be calling BS anymore. Didn't you just get owned pretty bad by your buddy after all that smak talk on modular depot. :damnit: :fuss:

    J/K man was this funny.

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  5. Nice driving. :nice:

    I'm sure the stock axles think so too. :rlaugh:
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  7. I just got one question to ask. If you launch at 6000rpms wouldnt the car just burn out. I am a newb to racing so i just wanted to know how that is possible.
  8. With a radial tire, yes. He is using ET Streets which are bias ply tube tires.
  9. Great times! Nice to take advantage of the weather.
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  11. so are you guys posting corrected times or actual times? just wondering.........
  12. These are ACTUAL!

  13. Those are Jay's actual times that he ran at ATCO raceway in NJ.
  14. Ha ha JayZ !

    Just got your pm. Didn't mean to start all this - :D

    Anyway it does seem crazy, but hell I don't pretend to know all especially since I'm not a weather man. :p You'll probably have to put this thread in your sig if you plan to keep posting this time with those mods though. Just to make life easier for yourself (or all the haters). I'll stick with my 13.5 in 97 degree Houston July heat on worn out street tires, until I can come race with you guys in the same conditions that a racers wet dreams are made of. Your times are realistic, but also misleading until you explain all this to the common folk - :shrug: Personally I wont be braggin to everyone about my 10's second ETs' with my current mods.

    with out the fine print somewhere that says it was on a 45* downhill track -

  15. I believe his times... I ran a [email protected] with few bolt-on's.. on Nittos... If I was running some M/T at the time i ran that 13.2, I would have been posting my 12 sec slip as well.. :)
  16. JAYZ....your car has the factory tune, right?
  17. Ok sorry to go off topic again , some of you guys runnin 12's have been where I'm at now so...... With my list of mods what should my car be capable of? Also I know i need some tires for the track, but how much will they help my times?? sorry to bother you guys....
  18. p.s. the track i run at is not considerded very good for traction to begin with so that is probably a big factor in my times right? :shrug:
  19. All 12s with factory 3.27 gears, factory tune. My mods are just 70 TB, 85 MA, KN AF, Pullies, SLP LT, X, LM, Draglites in the back with very very worn out MT Streets. I launch at 6,000 rpms I have 1.7-1.8 60' times with a little bit of wheel spin because of the worn out ET Streets. They were Automaticweapons first then he gave them to Nitro Lew and now they are on their last leg on my car. I was going to get the CL Plenum or the Dragon as my next mod. However, I burnt out my clutch on my last trip to the track and just upgraded to a Center Force Clutch. Before Englishtown closed I was running 13.2s @105 with extremely worn out BFG DR. I left my DR on from March 03-Nov 03 and drove 60-100miles a day on my DR. I was getting 1.9-2.1 60fts and you could see the belts coming through my DR in Nov. I was launching at 4-5,000 RPM with the DR. When I get new MT Slicks I see a lot of room for improvement. I now launch harder and even though I'm still granny shifting I'm much more aggressive with my shifts. Z Hope this answers questions about how I do this or what my car has. :flag: