35th Anniv Real Value 35th convertible

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 93COBRA#15, May 19, 2007.

  1. I got offered a 65k mile convertible in performance red- 2 owner completely stock, couple of tiny dings- overall super clean solid 9- I wasnt looking for another car but for 8k cash I think its a steal- Checked around a little NADA and such- just wanted to know in real numbers what you guys think- could not find real examples on eBay, that sold...
  2. 8K is a hell of a deal, Id ****** that thing up while you still can!
  3. I actually plan on getting it in the morning- I am going to shoot for low 7s and see what happens. Only problem is I will have to find a new place to live- the wife will be pissed.. Maybe I can find a new place to live that has a four car garage. Any idea on getting touch up paint for this color- is it still available through the dealer?
  4. $8K for a 65K mile 99 Conv is extremely low right there, i doubt he will go any lower. And you can still get Performance Red touch up paint at any dealer service department, they just have to order it and it will probably be like $15.

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  5. The crazy parts that it is a hispanic womans car who is dating one of my employees- he drove it to work yesterday and said she was selling it. I spoke to her on the phone and will be meeting with her tomorrow- wish me luck!
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  7. 8k would be a deal for sure. Some people just want to near about give a car away sometimes...they could get at least $11,000 for it.
  8. I finally got the car today- a hell of alot of BS and a weeks time, I will get it cleaned up this weekend and post some pics- Thanks, Guys:nice: