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  1. Monster garage was cool and all shows where someone performs an illegal act car shows or otherwise are total bs and as fake as the gas crisis. Amish mafia....... Fkn kill me.. If you were doing something illegal would you do it infront of a camera to be seen on basic cable??
  2. Lol.. Amish mafia.. I live in Lancaster county.. That show is fake. I know people who know Lebanon Levi.
  3. Alright, sounds like you are right, sorry for being skeptical. around where I live that would never happen though. Although on Amish mafia they do have buggy races. They are only 1-2 hp though.. Lol
  4. Im originally from Lancaster Co, but moved north a lil bit. Still head to Lancaster evwry other weekend to get my lil one :D
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  5. I try, but cannot follow any of them. Only one I can think of worth watching

    Overhauling......I like Foose. Amazing talent, Looks like a good guy,.. never yells at the talent he has working for him,.. and I have yet to see a car that came out of the build that I didn't go "wow".:nice:

    The rest,......well;)

    That goober that wears the tube top on his head w/all the tats needs to look at how stupid he looks. The "Count"??
    Count Chocula maybe, That 71/72 convertible Mustang the shop did was just terrible.

    Gas monkey gets paid? How? The dollars he spends never takes into account how much he's paying the guy with the real talent to do the stuff he dreams up.

    Wrecks to Riches was believable,... but I gotta admit I actually liked it better when/ if he got hurt at the auction. I didn't like that there was always some stupid deadline on the build. When its done,... its done.

    Any of the shows on Power block, Muscle Car, Hot Rod, Gearz ........12 minutes of programming,......18 minutes of commercials.

    Chasing classic cars, and any other show where there is giant money being thrown at cars that sit in a "stable" and are never driven, don't cost me a minute's worth of sleep. Nothing to be learned/gained there.
    "Champagne wishes, and Caviar dreams".....:nonono:

    Pinks...bracket racing, headed by an idiot who sticks his nose into a money race negotiation where a car is on the line.
    (where most of the time, would get shot off)
    When was the last time you were at a street race, flagged by a starter where it was "illegal" to sand bag the other guy?

    Reality shows are fueled by people content to watch them for the sake of them being "entertainment".
    That being the only criteria,.every day there is a new one,..even more stupider than the last.
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  6. I used to dig the old shows on speed like shadetree and stuff like that. Never really got into the whole pimp my ride kind of stuff.
  7. Fast and Loud is entertaining. I take it for what it is ..entertainment scripted, yes not factual but the people on the show do entertain and that's all I watch it for. Purists should place their analytics on hold for an hour and just see it for what it is.
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  8. Its tv anything on tv is scripted. I still find them entertaining. Chhasing classic cars imo is the only one that's minimal scripting. But who knows I am a damn idiot. Lol I even like the show amish mafia as fake as it is its comical as all hell lol
  9. Cops; about the only unscripted show out there. As for the others, some are entertaining, then some are just too fake to overlook and it ruins the show for me.

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  10. I like most of them for entertainment value. Its a hell of a lot better than watching any other "reality" show or talent show. Fast N Loud is funny and sometimes they actually put out pretty decent cars for what they are. Street Outlaws is as close to how it actually is on most street racing scenes. I love farm truck. I've been watching videos of farm truck before Street outlaws hit the air. It has that WOW-effect that can't be denied. As for The Powerblock, every now and then I learn a lil something but I just watch it simply because it still feeds into my gearhead personality. Its just something to watch.
  11. I don't watch these types of shows for how real they seem, I watch these shows for entertainment containing vehicles. Fast and Loud, Wheeler Dealers, Chasing Classic Cars, Grave Yard Cars, Overhaulin and the Power Block are some of my favorites.
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  12. I dont mind some of them.
  13. "Winning and taking an Imports wing, is like taking Supermans cape." ~ Farmtruck
  14. well thats your opinion.
  15. Sure enough is
  16. Now I have seen everything.. "Turn and Burn" now on Discovery. Some illiterate ZZ Top wannabe who buys POS cars and then sells them to bigger idiots in LA.
  17. I saw that on the guide last nite. Was gonna watch but glad I didn't
  18. Does Pass Time still run? I loved that show just to see all the locals and their cars run