Progress Thread Rear End Swap

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  1. Alright im doing a rear end swap in my 1989 foxbody lx, i have a IRS from a 93 Lincoln Mark VIII. i know most people say its impossible, but im very determined to get it done, and im willing to cut and weld alot. if anybody has any helpful hints let me know. Im also doing the dohc swap from the same car
  2. Look up raceoholic330's build thread hes got the irs system going on in there i dont know the pages off hand
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  3. I highy recommend NOT using a Lincoln IRS. You'll be making a lot of extra work for yourself, and it may truly be impossible. I'd sell that IRS you have an find one from an 03-04 Cobra. It's basically a 'bolt-in' swap aside from some minor cutting and frame reinforcement fabrication.
  4. I talked to a guy at a car show last summer who did this to a '65 Mustang. He said he had the whole donor lincoln, and cut out the areas he needed, and spliced it in to the '65. Anything is possible with the right skills and tools I guess.
  5. Well I know of one IRS from a cobra, but my issue is around here not many people buy parts for lincolns, plus it's still a pretty good rear end. I'd like to do the cobra swap but don't have the money right now. I might save up and do it anyway though could always just build something fun with the Lincoln's
  6. It's funny everyone has told me not to bother doing all that extra work but for me its not that hard cause my dads a machinist and can make nearly anything I can make myself. I mean obviously it would be easier to just swap the cobra rear but I already have the Lincoln