Redlinegoods Shift Boots And Such

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  1. I know there is a few that have used Redlinegoods for shift boots and E-brake covers. How do you like them? Not bad pricing when I looked at their site. I think it is time to switch up my stockers.

    How is the quality?
  2. Subscribing...I was just looking at these too.
  3. A lot of the fox guys have used their products and have had great luck

    I'm sure that: wythors or Noobz347 could chime in with more info
  4. Kornnut, I just posted a thread asking a question about the option of resizing the height of the shifter boot (one of the options RedLine offers (see their order form)). You might want to follow this as well and please pipe in if you have any input.
  5. VERY high quality. I have had the shift boot and ebrake boot for 7 years.... still looks AMAZING. They are real leather, and everyone says its sets off the interior.
  6. I think I have a thread around here somewhere about the one that I bought for my car.

    I bought the E-brake and Shifter covers. Never regretted it. They're REALLY nice pieces. Nice leather and awesome fit (once I got the orientation correct for the e-brake cover. lol no comments from the peanut gallery).
  7. I'm ordering Black Alcantara leather (or maybe charcoal?) with red stitching - should look kewl.
  8. They make great products
  9. I REALLY want the steering wheel with the padding upgrade. We will see.
  10. Oh Yeah - I just saw their SW cover - sweet. I'd have it professionally installed however - otherwise it would turn out like my first window tint job - a f'ing mess. :p
  11. I have a shiftboot and matching ebrake boot. I really like them.
  12. How hard are the e-brake boots to remove? Mine has separated along the seam.
  13. Not too bad. hardest part is getting the e-brake pulled back far enough to pull the center console out. Center console is mounted by just a few bolts

  14. I would too. If I did it I would buy another steering wheel and have it done.
  15. Yep, that's probably the best way to go.
  16. I ordered my shift boot just before Christmas, and expect it to arrive in the next day or two. Can't wait. I went with faux alcantara - black, with red stitching. (I wanted the real deal alcantara, but that doubles the price. $50 for a shift boot is enough IMO.) I ordered it 1.5" shorter than stock - I probably could have gone shorter still, but I wanted to be safe. I'll share it with you all with some pictures. I didn't realize that Redline Goods is overseas..? After ordering I received an email stating "We ship from the European Union via priority mail."
    I had wanted to get the handbrake boot at the same time (and get the discount), but money was a bit tight just before Christmas. My birthday is in a week, so I'll order it for myself - Happy Birthday!
  17. Yeah. I love mine. I think they manufacture them in Poland or something random like that.
  18. twogts4us what did you think after getting the redline goods installed? What was the height you ened up going with? Pics?? Also, did Kornnut ever end up getting some as well?

    I am looking to order shifter and ebrake boot soon and I am thinking of dark carbon fiber and silver piping. I will say though the alcantara that twogt's got may tempt me if I see pictures.
  19. They make high quality stuff I have there shift and e- brake boots in both my Mustang and Vette. They look much better then factory.
  20. What materials did you get for them? Do you have a short throw shifter and did you get the boot shorter? Also happen to have any pictures of them?