Replace Or Rebuild T5

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  1. it is somewhat tough to get into first gear from a red light. Almost always grinds going into 3rd. And every once in awhile second is iffy. So yeah, this trans is done.

    I do have a spare t5 sitting in the garage that I was told grinds in 3rd gear. But I'm not 100 percent sure on its condition. I'm wondering if it is more cost effective to rebuild the tranny myself, or buy another unknown used t5. Now I have to say, I have never rebuilt a transmission. But I think I could do it if I had a good book or write up on the rebuild.

    what is the real world cost of rebuilding A t5 yourself?
  2. What you're describing sounds like a clutch cable out of adjustment, so don't rush into more expense than you need. A detailed bearings/seals/syncros rebuild might run you $300, and you'll need a dial indicator, access to a press, and some minor tools like snap ring pliers. If you need to replace gears themselves, add another $300 for a full set including cluster. You'll max at $600-700 for an all-in basic no-fills DIY rebuild, whereas a brand new box might be $1100+
  3. Rebuild cost all depends on what is wrong.

    The good thing about T-5's is that you can usually locate the individual parts through vendors like Hanlon, or Astro, or even off Ebay which has a lot of good sources of T-5 parts that I've used without issue.

    Need to open the trans and see what's wrong really. If 3rd gear grinds, that could be worn blocker ring, or damage to the actual 3rd gear dog teeth and slider. That could be $100 in parts just to replace those 3 components. If anything else is good, that could be the limit of the costs.

    My point is that is can be a $50 repair, or a $400+ repair. You won't know til you disassemble and inspect.

    This is the manual i used for my first rebuild

    I was able to get through it pretty well with my first rebuild. I've done about a dozen since and it's an easy trans to work with.
  4. i agree with miffy, get your clutch adjustment correct first, before you decide to tear into the box.
  5. I am a little embarrassed to ask such a simple question, but how do you adjust the clutch cable? I have adjusted clutches in all types of cars (all imports), but this one is completely different than any I have done before. Most of the info I Googled comes up aftermarket cables or for later year mustangs...
  6. If the cable and quadrant are stock, the best you can do is hook your foot under the clutch pedal and give it a tug to actuate the self-adjusting mechanism. If it's an aftermarket cable, it's adjustable where it attaches to the clutch fork, or there may be an adjuster where it passes through the firewall. Screw it out to "shorten" it.