Resto-Mod or Stock

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Stock or Resto-Mod! What do you own?

  1. Stock

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  2. Resto-Mod

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  3. Both

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  1. What do you have?

    PS If you have any mods done to your car that are not stock from the factory for that year, than you're not Stock.
  2. Well seeing that I'm in high school and it's my daily driver...definately resto. I need it reliable and like it fast and loud. I hope this doesn't resurrect the stock vs. not war (>_<) :fuss: :chair: :uzi: :flame: :eek:
  3. I have fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror that light up at night does that count as restomod??


    Seriously though, resto all the way baby!
  4. All stock here other then the parts/etc. im missing at this point. runs great with 68k on it, pretty good for being almost 40 years old. Good poll question, i would also be interested in what the common ages are with either stock or resto-mod.
  5. I don't really think age has much to do with it. I know several hot-rodders that are 60+. I'm 41 and have yet to own a completely stock vehicle for any length of time beyond what it took to save the bucks to modify it. There is no vehicle I can think of that can't stand some improvement. Note the word "improvement". I'm a firm believer in the old rule of engineering that "form follows function". If lowering your car limits it's use, you've failed. If modifying your motor means that it can't be driven, you've failed. If the new tires and wheels you bought look trick, but now rub if you carry anyone in the back seat, you've failed. Since I'm forced to be thrifty with my money, I need the things I do to be right the first time, and trust me it ain't easy. It involves tons of research, measuring until I'm blue in the face and shopping for the very best deal to make my car the best I can. It would be easier to simply scrape the grime off, rattle can paint the stock stuff and "restore" my car back the the assembly-line standards. But I'm after perfection and that means sacrificing my time, effort and money to build the best car I can.
  6. Mine was a basket case when I bought it at 17 (I'm 27 now). If I hadn't seen the "K" in the VIN I would have passed it up (took me 1 1/2years just to get it on the road)! I'ts been my daily driver rain and shine for the last ten years. It has become a resto-mod simply by upgrading things as they have gone bad. I want to keep the classic look while making it as safe, dependable, and efficient as I can.
  7. My Merc is a restomod, as is Dammit & Rusty (the 46 chevy truck) Rusty has a 50's motor, and Dammit..... well, that's a long list. The Clev in the cougar has minimal mods, and is mostly restored, but it needs a rebuild bad. some of the things not stock are the radio (Sears AM/FM/cassette pos) and the driver's seat base (original broke). All the rest is in restoration. I like modding, but I also like the look of the original vehicle. I doubt I would do any drastic mods to any of my vehicles. Well, besides Dammit & Rusty, who are in such shape that mods are easy.

  8. I think mine is close to stock :D
  9. One of each
  10. Heheh, your car is closer to stock car, than stock. :rlaugh:

  11. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: That was pretty good there cow poke
  12. Now what was it, three cylinders, six, no. That can't be it.
    Ah Ha! Got it.
    Six cylinder, three speed.
  13. :bs: Keep the Tech and Talk.

    :rolleyes: Another Forum is not what is needed But an Open Mind. :eek:

    Zoo to Sd, they both have valid points.
    Eather Owner will turn their Heads when a Classic Stang goes by. :p

  14. crazier the better for me.
  15. the words "sleeper" and "look stock, haul ass" come to mind
  16. I love it when somebody comes up to my '67 fastback
    and sez "my daddy had one just like that"
    331 full roller motor
    343 rwhp
    tremec 5spd
    global west a-arms,race springs,front brakes
    roll bar
    custom upolsterd race seat{factory color-but perferated leather}
    total control subframes
    vintage 45's with mic.pilotsports
    yup just like mine.
  17. The 00 is basically stock (ok, there's a K&N airfilter), but the 73 is (will be?) totally a restomod. I guess the 00 won't be stock forever, I do want sequential taillights and mach rims eventually (but for now I'd rather spend the $$ on repairs for the other cars, rather than "want" items for the 00!)....
  18. i only own a modified one, but i would love to do a fully stock restoration someday. It will help ease my mind about modding the one i have now.
  19. You refering to the black primer or the 3spd 6cyl?
  20. Well I hope the voting above reveals something about the current users and the need for more forums here. As this pole thread was suppose to be a sample of cars we all own, I think it's clear this already is a Resto-Mod forum with 1 outright purist so far. Nothing against the purists. Personally I have always appreciated both. I just own one nasty little 65 coupe. AKA Sinister Stang!!!