RESTORE engine additive

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  1. **** this ****

    just checking :D

    I never put to much faith in that stuff actually. I just saw some of it in a 5.0mag today and was thinking if it actually worked or not.

  2. I have never been a fan of additives, I was doing a regular gear oil change on the GFs Geo and while we were picking up some 75W-90 she spotted that Lucas crap and talked me into buying it, well within a 1000 Miles I was replacing the Transmission and Transfer Case. Never Again!
  3. Who brings back a 4 year old thread? :p
  4. Anyone ever notice the little air bubbles in the spinny plastic gearcase side? and not the regular oil one.....right after you crank it

    Where's there's air, there's no oil
  5. So that means I can say **** with a clear conscience? Whooo, hooo!
  6. +1

    Not on Stangnet. :shrug:


    Too many OT posts to be considered Tech anymore.
  7. For real? Thats badass.