Retaining Factory SEAT brackets

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  1. Like some of you other guys...I about had it with the factory Leather seats in my 99 GT. They were hot in the sun and very unsupportive. I only use my car on weekends, so i didn't want to sepnd a fortune on seats. I purchased some aftermarket seats and they look great. When I go them out of the box the bolt pattern was 11" wide and 16" in length. The factory bolt hols are 14" On center. I wanted to keep the factory brackets, since they Bolt in easily and the drivers seat is power.
    I ended up buying some 1/4" x 3" aluminum flat stock and after a lot of measuring came up with a lightweight, inexpensive adapter. The total cost of materials was about $35.00 and took 3-4 hours labor. (in the Hot Florida heat & humidity).
    I have tested the seats and they work great. I took them out, because I am having the interior painted. I will post pics once I get them in for good.
    Here are some pics of the process:
    BRACKETS - 3" x 17" X 1/4 Aluminum Flat Stock
    <img src="">
    POWER SEAT BRACKET mounted on new seat- Notice Bracket
    <img src="">
    POWER SEAT Bracket assembly. 3 Motors and several screw sdrives
    <img src="">
  2. This thread is the answer I've been searching all day for!
    It is the holy grail of cheap seat installation!
    Nih! Nih!

    Do you have any exact measurements of your drill locations, I noticed that the holes aren't in the same places on both pieces of metal.

    My seats are actually a good few inches wider than stock so I was hoping to offset them a little away from the doors.

    Thanks for any help.
  3. Bracket dimensions

    There are no real exact dimensions that I can list because all aftermarket seats are different. The formula is very simple to figure out though. The factory seat
    brackets have to be removed and you can go from there.
  4. Did you take the controls for the power seat off the ford seat or do you now have inoperable power/control on the seat?
    oh and also, where the adapter bolts to the ford rail, did you use nuts and bolts or is it a threaded hole with just a screw?