Reunited with my Pops old 1992 LX Fox Body


Mar 10, 2022
Charlotte, NC
My pops sold his 1992 Lx back in 2019. It was too much of a car for him to drive around. He said the clutch was too stiff :). But from what I witnessed (several fishtails and more) it was too much of a car for him. Well he sold it while I was on vacation and never told me until I went to his home to take it off his hands :-(......

My pops past away in November of last year and left my brother and I several cars. The only one missing was the Mustang. I was fortunate enough to find the current owner and buy it back on March 3rd, one day before my 50th birthday. It's by far the best birthday gift I've ever bought for myself. Welcome home Lojo-1.....

Previous condition when my pops owned it:
Current condition when purchased back March 2022 with 82k miles:


Shifter and shift light were in the car when my pops owned it.

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